Samsung patent new method for unlocking and launching apps


A new patent application filed with the USPTO has popped up today that might suggest Samsung is working on a new feature related to device unlocking. The patent suggests that the company is working on a feature, similar to LG’s Knock Code, that will allow users to unlock their device just by touching on the display and dragging around to draw a figure with one intersection or more.

In the description it explains that this feature will work even when your device’s display is off which means that users will no longer need to push the power key in order to turn on the device. The shape, size or position of the drawing is not important given that at least one intersection point is used. Users can assign a function with two, three or more intersection points. For example, Facebook could be assigned two points so that when you draw a figure and there’s two intersection points, the application will be launched.

Sounds cool right? We think so and we’d like to know your thoughts are on these new unlocking methods from both LG and now Samsung.

Source: USPTO via: phonearena


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