HTC One M8 Safe Mode booting problem found


The HTC One M8 has been available to a lot of consumers for over a week now as availability of the new smartphone spreads to other regions, but now a HTC One M8 Safe Mode booting problem has been found with the device.

Many have been impressed by the HTC One M8 since it was launched at the beginning of last week, but now online retailer Clove has found an issue with a number of examples of the device. It is not a serious problem and won’t need the handset returning but it may be strange situation for some users to be met with.

When turning on a number of HTC One M8 units the retailer found them booting up in Safe Mode, which is not the end of the world but if you don’t know what is happening it will prevent you from using the handset correctly.

This is something I occasionally encountered with my HTC Desire HD that I used to own, but will require owners to restart or rest the smartphone. Owners of the HTC One M8 are advised to press down the power key before pressing Restart, which should clear the problem.

Failing that you can first remove your microSD card before heading to the settings option and selecting Backup & Reset > Reset phone > Erase all data. This comes after we told you that the handset performs a factory reset if a password is enter incorrectly 10 times.

Have you had this issue with your HTC One M8?

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