Sony Xperia Z2 audio performance discussed


The Android platform is becoming increasingly competitive as more hardware manufacturers are looking at various ways to tempt consumers over to their products, and we have a video that reveals that the Sony Xperia Z2 comes with a great audio bonus and is discussed.

We have already seen that the company has provided the Sony Xperia Z2 better audio playback via the handsets speakers over its predecessor, but as is demonstrated in the YouTube video below owners of the device are treated to another nice bonus as well.

When we provided you with a unboxing video of the device the reviewer commented that the headphones look more premium, and now the same person is back to tell us more on the accessory. The handset itself comes with noise cancelling technology built into the device, although it needs the supplied headphones to work.

The headphone jack has 5 pins and as soon as you enter the jack into the handset you are met with an icon for the noise cancelling technology, and going into the sound settings there are some new options for the feature.

The reviewer comments that the sound coming from the headphones is of a greater quality using the noise cancelling technology, which drowns out a lot of the background noise. He goes on to say that the device recaptures the great Sony Walkman experience, before the attention is turned onto the stereo front facing speakers of the device.

Check out the full video and give us your thoughts on the Sony Xperia Z2.

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