HTC One M8 vs One X camera lens durability shocker


Now here’s an interesting observation for owners of the new HTC One M8 or those who may be about to buy one. The camera set-up on smartphones is becoming increasingly important to many buyers, and you might imagine that the latest devices include better protection for the lenses. However, in a look at HTC One M8 vs. HTC One X camera lens durability, the older smartphone’s lens suffered less damage than the lens on the brand-new One M8.

It’s important to note that this was not scientifically tested, but more of an observation by a Reddit user MSined. He compared the camera lens of his HTC One X at nearly two-years-old against the lens on his HTC One M8 at just two-weeks-old. While it would be easy to assume that the flush camera lens of the newer phone would be better at protecting the glass, that turned out not to be the case.

Instead the camera lens on the One X with a protruding camera bump has fared pretty well, while the flush camera lens of the new phone has already been severely scratched. You can see the images shown here where the two lenses are shown, and the difference between them is significant. While we cannot verify this, the user says that both phones have been treated the same, and although he may not give his devices the very best care, equally he’s not particularly irresponsible.

HTC One M8 vs One X camera lens durability shocker b

MSined points out that in the photo of the camera lens on his older One X, any damage tended to affect the plastic ring below the lens, rather the lens itself. Going on this evidence alone, it appears that the camera bumps on some devices do a better job of protecting the lenses than those that have a flush lens, especially when non-scratchproof glass is being used.

We’d be really intrigued to hear your thoughts on this. Does it reflect on your own personal use of smartphones with or without a camera bump? If you have already purchased the HTC One M8, have you noticed any damage already to the camera lens? Why not drop us a comment to let us know.

Source: Reddit Image Credits: Imgur
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8 thoughts on “HTC One M8 vs One X camera lens durability shocker”

  1. Marcel Bzdok says:

    Plastic lens in flagship phone? NO NO NO, my week old m8 going for sale now, I go back to my s4. Why after big disappointment with htc sensation, having 4 Samsung headsets that I had no single issue with I decided to give another chance to htc? I’ll just wait for note 4 to come out because i know ill love it. I treat my phones like egg, i buy quality cases and even check pockets for loose items/sand before I hide my phone, still my lens have few scratches on it…

  2. Jay Galbreath says:

    I have had my one x for almost 2 years now. I can say this is the toughest phone I have ever had. I work for Dish and this phone has been put to the test. I use the camera everday and it still works like the day I got it. The screen is tough and battery life is great. I have had it wet so many times I cant count and dropped it off of ladders many many times on to concrete. try all that with an iphone. The only upgrade I will make will be a onex 64. Best phone ever!!

  3. GokhanE says:

    My One X actually miserably failed on me a few weeks ago and got the One M8. WiFi stopped working and the phone would turn on and off 200 times before it would be able to start. Plastic backing on the One X is problematic and causes reliability issues with WiFi, turning on an off repeatedly, etc. Didn’t have scratches on the One X camera glass but I was careful with it.

    Just like with any phone, don’t put it on an abrasive surface or next to your keys etc.

  4. Brandon says:

    I had my m8 10 days with no car. Why put a mostly metal beautiful in a case? Today I took my phone to Verizon because my camera lense was all messed up. Looked like it was scuffed up like it plastic or something. Luckily for me Verizon let me exchange it. I also bought a dot case and took a screen protector and cut a little circle out to put over the camera. That is the only thing I can say bad about this phone is the camera lense. This phone is amazing hopefully now I can preserve the camera for the 2 years I’m in contract

  5. Intellectualize says:

    i have had my m8 for 2 months and the camera lense has so many scratches on it it looks foggy. basically useless to take any pictures now. why would they put plastic over something so heavily used?

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