Plants vs Zombies 2 problems from app update


Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a phenomenally popular gaming app and yesterday the iOS and Android versions both received an update. However, it seems that some iPhone and Android device users are noticing some issues and we wonder if you have Plants vs. Zombies 2 problems since the app update.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 for Android and iOS was updated on October 14 to version 2.9.1 to bring Big Wave Beach Part 1 with 16 levels. This includes 4 new plants, 6 new zombies, Bowling Bulb challenges, a Costume Changer, and premium plant Ghost Pepper for a limited time. From October 24 there will also be Halloween Pinata party costumes.

If you haven’t yet got the app and want to take a look for yourself you can find the iOS version at iTunes. It’s a free app (with in-app purchases) and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 5.1.1 or later. The Android app is available from Google Play and is compatible with devices running Android 2.3 or later.

However, before you rush to download the latest updated version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 you might want to consider difficulties that some users are having with the game following the update. Taking a look at some of the user reviews posted on Google Play reveals that some players are pretty miffed about various issues.

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For instance one commenter wrote today, “Beach update crashes constantly on my Nexus 5. Pick up and play fun – at least it was until the beaches update. Now I can’t load it.” Another player said, “I LOST MY ACCOUNT!! @PvZ after I updated the game, it says “download failed”. I tried to restart it like 4x. Now I uninstalled it, and then installed it again. Now I played the tutorial after that i cant sign up to google plus! How can i get my account again without it? Please help me. Im so far in the game! PLS FIX THANKS!”

Another user of the app commented, “Please fix the crashing Loved PvZ, love garden warfare it has its own charm, love PvZ 2 but the game doesn’t load 90% of the time, even reinstalled and started to play from the beginning lost all my coins, plants, gems. Please fix the crashing!” Yet another said, “Download failed because resources not found. After the latest update, I cant play with the following error: download failed because resources not found.” It’s pretty obvious that some players are facing real issues with the latest update to the app, although for the sake of fairness we should point out that not all users of the app are encountering difficulties.

We’d really like to hear from Plants vs. Zombies 2 iOS and Android app users about this. Have you noticed problems with the game since it was updated yesterday? Are you using an Android or iOS device? Let us know by sending your comments.


25 thoughts on “Plants vs Zombies 2 problems from app update”

  1. Sarah Atkins says:

    I updated the app. On launch it said it was downloading progress which took for ever. Got to 75% after 30minues and crashed saying something about the phone needing a socket (it was at this point low on battery). I charged it and launched again, it jumped up to 75% immediately then finished. However it’s lost all my progress. HELP!!!!

  2. ICanHazPants says:

    I’m playing the game on iPhone 5s. I have not experienced any major problems with this update, downloaded and installed correctly. However, there seems to be a minor tilting bug now. I do think the difficulty is set too high. With some levels, it seems to be virtually impossible to finish unless using power ups, and those I rather not use because it harms the gaming experience for me.

  3. Polly P. says:

    My PvZ2 was working fine until early evening 18th Oct. Playing as normal when screen went black and am now unable to load. 4th time this has happened. Only way to resolve seems to be uninstall then reinstall, but you are then back to the absolute beginning of the game, losing all levels, gems, coins etc. Am now so fed up of this I will not play again. Used to be my favourite game too :-(.

  4. CPayZombie says:

    I made it past the first level of Big Wave Beach (BWB) and Lily Pad was available. I then
    made is past the third level of BWB when the game crashed. The almanac
    shows Lily Pad is still locked. A replay of BWB level one has no affect.
    I have moved on past level 6 and Tangle Kelp is now unlocked in
    almanac, but not Lily Pad.

  5. Me!!!!! says:

    On iPad, although I managed to update Pvz on App Store, I cannot access it to play it – it sits at the download page, and the big turf of grass won’t roll!! Instead, it will eventually come up with a sign saying download failed, http error, etc, etc…

  6. Debra Nott says:

    My iPad was fine with the first beach update (16 levels) then it wouldn’t update for the second wave! I tried countless times and made sure my iOS was up to date. Eventually I deleted the game from my device and downloaded it again but now won’t connect to my gamecentre account so have lost all my progress. I bit this bullet and though well I will just go from the beginning again as it is a brilliant game, but once I completed ancient Egypt it won’t let me “download rescorces” for the next world! Please help

  7. Bryan says:

    The patch cashes my game to crash every time I launch the game. I delete it and then download it and can play until the patch is forced through. After that the game crashes and crashes after every time I start it up again. It is unplayable.

  8. bluesky says:

    I have the same problem on my ipad2 — always stuck at the download page. Below is the reply from Popcap support and it works for me.


    We’re sorry that you’ve experienced this issue with Plants vs. Zombies 2! Some users have reported that they have been able to get back into the game by resetting their Network Settings.

    Please note: This will reset all network settings including: previously connected Wi-Fi networks and passwords, recently used Bluetooth accessories, VPN, and APN settings.

    1. Open your Settings App.

    2. Navigate to General > Reset and tap Reset Network Settings.

    3. You will see a prompt that notifies you that you will be deleting all network settings. Select Reset to perform this action. You may be prompted to enter your Passcode.

    4. This will cause the device to reboot. Once your device turns back on, log back into your Settings and reconnect to your Wi-Fi.


    1. Tia Brown says:

      I was a long way thru the game when I updated the app. Now since the update I have lost all progress and just want it back please!! Please help!!!!

  9. zamselzombie says:

    Been experiencing some crash issues when I played it on my samsung s4 too ugh just when i really want to play it. but i love this game so i grew patient lol
    do you guys have other zombie games I can play? thanks!

  10. Criselle Paz says:

    Hi zamselzombie. I though I was the only one experiencing the error 🙁 but hey, you should try Tapslayer too! If you want an awesome zombie killing spree 😀

  11. Emily Barrie says:

    My Son loves PVS2. He gets so far then it boots him out and the “unable to download” message comes up. He’s on a tab4. Really disappointed with this game!!

  12. Avi says:

    I lost everything from the new indiana jones looking level from the update today. Reconnecting to my google account is no longer an option :C

  13. Juliana Wang says:

    The app was first in my itouch device.
    after i got my new phone, i downloaded the all into the different device.
    I have to restart playing everything again from the beginning when i download it in my new samsung s6 phone.
    But when i reinstall it in my itouch, the account and the level and coins are restored.
    But not in my samsung device.

    Please advice.
    Thank you!

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