Sony set to release the FES E-Paper Watch in 2015


You may not remember the E-paper FES Watch as it was a mysterious prototype from an even more mysterious company. That mystery was solved today when an unlikely source stepped forward to say they were behind the project. Nobody suspected Sony, but now we’re going to tell you about their interesting E-paper plans.

Sony decided to stay behind the scenes when they launched their crowdfunded “Fashion Entertainments” project, and the Wall Street Journal found out why. Apparently, they wanted to see if there was a demand for the product, and there was considering they’ve raised around 3.5 million yen and have over 150 backers.

As for the product itself, the FES watch is an E-paper/ink wearable that’s said to change “appearance” based on the users gestures. It comes with 24 patterns, and while no firm release date been set, Sony has said it will ship out sometime after May of next year.  It’s not the only product the company is working on either as several other types of wearables were mentioned including an e-ink based bow tie and hat.

Normally this type of tech is more concept than consumer product, and we’re just as surprised as anyone to see that folks will actually be able to buy the FES watch next year. If you are interested in finding out more about the FES smartwatch or the tech behind it, you can check out the watch’s crowdfunding campaign on Makuake or over at Fashion Entertainment’s official site.

How much would you pay for something like the FES watch?

Source: Wall Street Journal


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