You TV Player Pro Offers Way More Than Its Base Counterpart; Know How


You TV Player for Android is one of the best ways you can go about your daily entertainment needs. Once you have this app installed, you can not only stream or download your most desired content for free, but you can also perform playback using the excellent built-in media player, therefore eliminating the need to install an external player. However, if your search for a new way to use You TV Player has brought you here, then you are in luck. We have the complete guide to installing You TV Player Pro right here. Unacquainted with this version? Read on.

What is You TV Player Pro?

While the base app is excellent in functionality, one cannot ignore the fact that there is substantial room for improvement. One of the most common reasons for upgrading a service that you are using and satisfied with is to eliminate ads, and that is something which applies to You TV Player Pro as well. While the ads are the developers’ way to generate revenue without hampering the contents of your wallet, they, especially the full-screen ads, can disrupt your overall experience.

However, getting rid of intrusive advertisements is not all that an upgrade to You TV Player Pro will fetch you, for it packs in a host of other improvements too. So once you opt for it, you will be met with a better, more intuitive interface, more refined search and filter options, and of course, better playback abilities, this last one courtesy of a more capable media player. With these in mind, it is accurate to say that the Pro version of the You TV Player app is something that every fan of the base service must try.

How to Download You TV Player Pro Version

Just like You TV Player, the Pro version cannot be found listed on the Play Store, which makes searching for it a task for those who have been looking there. But remember how we said that you were in luck? Part of that is that you will be able to find the You TV Player Pro Apk right here. Follow the link and proceed to download as usual. However, if this is your first time downloading an app from third-party developers, then you will need to alter some settings that come preset on your Android device by default.

To do this, open Settings, enter Security and enable the Unknown Sources option. You will see now that the You TV Player Pro Apk has downloaded without any issues. After this, open the notification and click to install. As a precaution against crashing and other such difficulties, make sure to restart your device.

Wrap Up

While You TV Player is one of the most searched entertainment applications for the Android platform, there is an option to enrich its experience further. Note that to enjoy the full properties of You TV Player Pro, you will need to donate, but we consider it worthy for no holds barred video streaming. If that does not appeal to you, continue using the base version, which is pretty competent in itself.

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