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The tablet is in a pretty weird place now. Smartphones are increasing their screen sizes, while still being perfect to get fitted in our pockets. On the other side, more manufacturers are embracing the 2-in-1 way, making their laptops detachable and usable as both laptops or tablets. But, that does not mean that tablets are useless. They just don’t get upgraded that often as smartphones, as there is no need for it. But, in case you do need to upgrade, here are some of the best tablets available for every price range.

High-budget option

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is one of the best Android tablet your money could buy. Priced at $600, this device has a lot to offer. Starting from the display, the Tab S3 features a Super AMOLED display with 2048×1536 resolution. It is HDR enabled, so you can expect a pretty crispy picture coming out from it. There are four different speakers, giving you the perfect stereo sound. On the inside, you will find the quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. The battery is big enough to last even the most heavy-use user, and if you need to recharge it, fast charging is enabled. The look reassembles the Galaxy S8, with glass surfaces on the front and the back, finished with metal edges. All of this + the S Pen make the Tab S3 one of the best tablets available.

Mid-budget option

The Huawei MediaPad M3 is one of the few devices that can take the leading spot in this price range. Lenovo and Samsung offer some of the best tablets in this price range, but we had to give the credit to Huawei for creating a great device. Octa-core Kirin 950 processor, 4GB RAM and 32 or 64GB internal storage are the main components inside the M3. Add to that an 8.4” IPS LCD display with 1600×2560 resolution and a 5100mAh battery, and you get a great device for multimedia and productivity. And for the price of $300, it is a great pick.

Low-budget option

This is where Amazon’s lineup shines. The Kindle Fire 7 and Fire 8 are some of the best picks here, with the prices starting from $50 and $90. And what do these devices offer? The Fire 7 is featuring a 1024×600 IPS display, quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB storage. The bigger sibling is a bit better though. The Fire 8 features a bigger 8” 1280×800 display and 1.5GB RAM. Everything else is the same as the Fire 7. The biggest downside of these tablets is that you will have to par with ads on the lock screen. If you don’t mind that, great, but if not, you will need to pay $15 to remove them. Despite this fact, these devices are great for the low prices, and bundled with the Amazon Kindle, they can be a perfect fit for every family.

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