LG Vu gets a burgundy paint job for AT&T

With all the splashes of pinks coming out it’s good to see someone put out a more sedate coloured mobile handset with LG and the burgundy version of their LG Vu. Unfortunately with new competition knocking at the door though, the LG Vu is becoming tired and lacklustre.

The burgundy hue LG Vu is apparently headed for AT&T, and the word is only the MediaFLO equipped CU920 LG Vu is to sport this new colour, but as yet no word on when it will actually be with AT&T.

I know the economic downturn is putting tight constraints on everyone; everywhere you turn people are tightening their belts. But come on, it’s about time these mobile phone manufacturers stopped dishing out newly painted version of old handsets, if you are going to re-release an old handset at least add something new other than a colour refresh.

Source — LG

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