Is mobile phone technology too advanced for people?

Is it the mobile phone technology that is outgrowing the human brain or are people simply not capable of grasping the advanced technology used in today’s mobile phones?

According to the latest research figures we as a people are finding it continually difficult to grasp the workings of some of the mobile phone world’s technology as according to the research 95 percent of those studied stated they would try more new services if the mobile handset was simpler to set up.

Ok so are we dumb? 4000 people hardly expresses the views of the entire mobile world populace does it, actually 4000 is just a drop in a vast ocean so these figures can’t really be taken seriously can they.

But it does beg the question, what do you think on this matter readers, are mobile phones simply becoming too advanced for us mere mortals to understand?

Source — BBC


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    Eldon Brustuen says:

    Just buy a Verizon Blackberry Storm and read the support information and tutorials on and offline. It will answer the question.

    The written communication appears to have regressed 30 years in “User Friendliness”, equivalent to the pre-Windows PC environment.

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