iPhone Jailbreak Unlock Blackra1n How To

The latest jailbreak for the iPhone is Gorge Hotz blackra1n which supports all iPhone devices with iPhone 3.1.2 firmware, but not everyone is confident at jailbreaking their iPhone and thus the iphone blog has come up with some extra help.

First off they note that if you are jailbreaking the new iPhone 3GS with the updated bootrom it will have to be accomplished via a tethered jailbreak and thus will need to connect your iPhone to a computer.

So here’s how it goes…connect the iPhone to a computer and double click on the blackra1n icon – – click “make it rain” and your iPhone will enter recovery mode. Then the iPhone will reboot and once it does the iPhone will be jailbroken and a message will pop up saying enjoy your jailbroken iPhone.

For installing Cydia/Rock/Unlock…on the springboard there is the blackra1n icon, make sure you have a data connection and press the icon, you can then choose the installer either Cydia, Rock or Sn0w if you are unlocking the iPhone and then press “install,” when complete the springboard will reset and the Cydia/Rock icon will be present; and that’s it job done.

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