KT in South Korea to sell Apple iPhone November 28: Price included

Carriers KT in South Korea will be selling the Apple iPhone from November 28; this top selling smartphone should be a hit with all those on the KT network.

The offerings will start with the 16GB and 32GB versions of the Apple iPhone 3GS and apparently according to Yahoo! Tech it will also offer the iPhone 3G 8GB. South Korean regulators granted Apple a special license to operate location-based services in South Korea which is good news for KT and of course Apple, more sales more money as they say, it took some time getting the licence because it required clearance over user privacy concerns.

China Unicom not so long ago launched the Apple iPhone in China, KT will offer the 32GB iPhone 3GS is 132,000 won (US$114) on a contract basis. Apparently SK Telecom carriers are in talks with Apple about selling the iPhone also.

If you live in South Korea and you are with KT please let us know if you will be buying the Apple iPhone, if you will not buy the smartphone please let us know why not. Thanks

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