Apple and China Mobile Still Negotiating for iPhone

Although China Unicom is now offering the iPhone to the Chinese populace, the word is that China Mobile is still in negotiations with Apple with a view to offering the iconic iPhone reports an article over on CIO.

We know that talks between Apple and China Mobile have been going on for like forever, and it is fairly obvious as to why Apple would still be interested in China Mobile even though China Unicom offer the iPhone as China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile phone service provider by subscribers.

During the GSM Association’s Mobile Asia Congress in Hong Kong, the chairman and CEO of China Mobile, Wand Jianzhou said that China Mobile has continued negotiations with Apple to introduce the iPhone on China Mobile’s network.

Jianzhou however would not comment as to the reasons why no agreement has been reached yet, but the CEO has publicly in the past complained about revenue sharing and that China Mobile has their own applications store.

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