Android not much loved in Western Europe?

It appears that the Google Android operating system that’s doing rather well over in the states is having a spot of bother in Western Europe as IDC Research say consumers show little interest towards them reports Reuters.

As most know Android has gained quite a bit of attention lately with Motorola opting to go with Android for the Motorola Droid and Sony Ericsson has chosen the OS for their top model as well.

In Western Europe in July/September market share of smartphones running Android rose to 5.4 from 4.2 percent. However, Francisco Jeronimo, an analyst for IDC has said that consumers steer clear of Android and sell-out is below everyone’s expectations.

Jeronimo went on to say that the lack of Android handsets doesn’t help raise awareness, but this is hoped to change when more Android mobile phones come out from the likes of Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG.

Currently still commanding the market over Android in Western Europe is the Symbian operating system as used by Nokia handsets controlling 48% of the market.

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