What Makes the Nexus One So Special?

Basically there is much hype floating the net over the Google phone, the Nexus One being a great smartphone, one that will break the mould so to speak due to it being an unlocked Android handset, and could possible be the much talked about iPhone killer.

It is expected by most that when a new smartphone hits the blogosphere the first thing is its comparison to the iPhone and will it be able to take the iconic iPhone crown as the best smartphone out there.

But I ask what makes the Nexus One so special, haven’t there been unlocked smartphone available before? Nokia does them for starters yet none of Nokia’s handsets have been able to claim the iPhone crown, neither has any other smartphone to date, locked or unlocked so why is the Nexus One looked upon as it will be? After all Google didn’t make the hardware they only supplied the software.

The speculation is that Google will offer the Nexus One themselves, but will they, have they confirmed they will? If they do so will they then incur the wrath of those carriers already offering Android handsets?

It’s all well and good the blogosphere running off with speculation but sooner or later Google will have to come clean about their intentions for the Nexus One, fess up to that they will indeed offer the Google phone themselves or set the record straight that they won’t; so how about it Google?

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