Apple January 2010 Event: May show higher-resolution iPhone

Apple is working on some new stuff, and the rumors continue to fly around in all directions starting out relatively innocently with word from the oft inaccurate DigiTimes of an iPhone destined 5 megapixel camera sensor.

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster piled on with an inventor note stating that they are giving Apple a January event which has a 75% chance of actually happening. The tablet is currently about 50/50.

More interestingly though is word of a Silicon Alley insider, who has quoted a plugged in source in the mobile industry. And says that Apple are working with some select app makers on prepping high res apps to demo on a new much larger mobile device.

This device is said to be shown at the January event, the rumor is also piling on that the present tablet hubbub if you read in between the lines some would say it seems like a higher resolution iPhone perhaps in the style of Google’s’ Nexus One or Motorola’s Droid. Source – engadget.com

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