AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 Stay One Step Ahead Movie

Apparently this new advertisement movie commercial for AT&T and Bold 9700 left one person feeling so much like an actual secret agent.

The One step ahead movie commercial for AT&T and the Bold 9700, lets you be part of the movie featuring you, the Bold 9700 and obviously the network. It is a very cool advertising campaign. Onestepahead.com actually connects to your Facebook account and runs through a short video that actually features you.

It pulls information from your Facebook, while some worlds that connecting to your Facebook may be a drawback it is actually pretty good to watch the video and in some cases may actually freak you out a bit when you actually see yourself in it.

So if you have some time to kill this morning in between stuffing the Turkey or peeling the carrots you should definitely give this a go and have a look. Marketing genius or a total waste of time? Source –


One thought on “AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 Stay One Step Ahead Movie”

  1. John says:

    This is incredible – the problem is ATT may be the fastest 3g network – but their service and 3G – YES 3G – NOT GENERAL COVERAGE – sucks! I had an iPhone and chunked that crap for service that actually works from Sprint – not to mention its way cheaper! I get actual 3G speeds and great voice service! ATT my bill was $90 – Sprint my bill is about $70 for more features, mins, and better service.

    Maybe ATT should put the money into towers and service and not stupid movies!?

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