Firmware Update v35 for Nokia N95 8GB, N95 and N82

Great news for Nokia fans and owners out there as we hear of three Nokia’s being blessed with a nee firmware update. The Nokia N95, N95 8GB and the N82.

They will all get the new firmware version 35.0.001 after the process has been completed. It is a little shady at the moment as to what is included in the latest firmware update

Having said that we would guess that some of the known bugs would have been fixed, some of the applications we would assume have been updated and maybe even more have been added.

We would also assume that Ovi Store client is now to be included with the phone although we are not sure about that. We would always advise you to keep you phone’s firmware up to date but please prior to pressing any buttons make a back up of your data just in case. Source – intomobile.com


3 thoughts on “Firmware Update v35 for Nokia N95 8GB, N95 and N82”

  1. Billy says:

    new firmware N95 8GB V35.0.01 the menu still not full screen there’s still ‘Menu’ words on the top with the blue and green sphere really disappointing >_<

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