The Missing Sync for Android version 1.1 Details

Thanks to the team at Mark/Space who have sent a note in relation to the missing Sync for Android, and it sure looks like this been updated now to support Android 2.0 devices.

The update brings with it the missing Sync for Android up to version 1.1 and comes crammed with more new features including the ability to save the phones call history to a home computer.

Maybe you haven’t even heard of the missing Sync family of applications before, basically it is an all in one application that Syncs all your information and media between your desktop Pc and your mobile phone.

Mark/Space currently have versions which are available for Android, the Palm Pre, the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, lots of Nokia devices and the HTC Touch and Sony PSP. To find out more simply visit intomobile.com

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