Sprint to gain Palm Pixi in Pink for Valentines?

Not a great deal of information on this one, but according to a screen capture of Sprint’s internal systems, Sprint is about to get the Palm Pixi sporting a feminine pink hue according to an article over on engadget.

Now with CES 2010 just a few days away maybe Palm will unveil this new pink coloured Palm Pixi, or maybe Palm and Sprint is just gearing up to capture a few ladies come Valentines Day, it’s hard to say.

No doubt with Valentines Day approaching we will see numerous red, pink and general love coloured handsets hit the net waves over the coming weeks all geared towards the ladies and the love game.

One wonders if Google will push out a pink version of their Nexus One to capture a few sales around February, what do you think, possible? Or maybe the Big Red will go red with their Palm Pixi.

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