iPhone Accessories: OWLE Video Rig Enhances Photography

Forget about the new Apple iPhone 4G hopefully being launched at WWDC 2010 tomorrow and let’s chat about the current model and what new accessories you can buy.

The 3G and 3GS iPhone has not got the best camera in the world but it does the job, but if for some reason you wish to enhance your photography skills you may want to consider the OWLE iPhone Video Rig.

This is a cool accessory where your iPhone just sits nicely within the OWLE product, which will then allow you to shoot videos and pictures, the main features of this product includes: Anodized aluminum case, Improves video or still shots, iPhone fits inside included silicone case, then mounts inside the aluminum housing for full protection and Works with iPhone 3G or 3GS (The 3G will need an additional app to take video, and the quality is poor).

Other cool features are the shoe mount on top that will allow you to add camera accessories, Four screw mounts on the corners of the case enable you to mount to a tripod, has 37mm lens threading and 0.45x Wide angle/macro combination lens.

For more information on the $129.99 OWLE iPhone Video Rig please visit ThinkGeek, please let us know if this is the sort of product you would buy for your iPhone.

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