iPhone 4G HD Case Captured on Video

With most expecting the next generation iPhone to be unveiled at WWDC 2010 on Monday the 7th of June, one iPhone accessory maker has jumped the gun and pushed out an iPhone 4G case, we reported on this earlier which can be read (here)

Well today is appears that a video of said iPhone 4GG case has now popped up on YouTube, and naturally we have that video for your viewing pleasure below.

The iPhone 4G HD case video cones courtesy of SBARTSTV and lasts nearly one and three-quarter minutes and is believe to be the first iPhone 4G case accessory in existence and has been manufactured by Gumdropcases.com.

Not a great deal more to be said about this iPhone 4G case other than I hope the guys got the specifications right as if not that iPhone 4G case could well be destined for the trash can, anyway head on down and check it out and let us know what you think…enjoy.

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