iPhone 4G Case Sent to Wired.com

Well now it appears there is a real live iPhone 4Gcase already made and waiting for the iPhone 4G to go live at WWDC 2010 in San Francisco on Monday and apparently the manufacturer of the iPhone 4G case has sent one to the guys of Wired.com.

According to an article over on Wired.com by Brian X Chen, Gumdrop Cases sent in two rubber protection cases that have been designed around the Gizmodo leaked iPhone prototype and the Vietnam leaked iPhone 4G

However, the company which apparently has offices in California, Hong Kong and the UK has said that they have not received any official specifications for the iPhone 4G case from Apple, and apparently a spokesperson for Gumdrop has stated that “It’s supposed to be announced on Monday is what we’re being told, so we wanted to make sure we had cases available.”

Yep, all well and good trying to get the jump on a new product so you can try and make a killing but if you don’t get those specs bang on you could find yourself with quite a useless product on your hands, and that is probably why people wait, so maybe this is a tad premature.

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