WWDC 2010: Will Apple Launch New iPhone 4G Monday?

The biggest Apple event this year will kick off on Monday June the 7th and is the Worldwide Developer Conference 2010 at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco., and the big anticipation is that Steve Jobs will announce the next generation iPhone.

Over the last several weeks/months, we have heard an abundance of rumours concerning the next generation iPhone, the biggest of which has to be the Gizmodo iPhone 4G prototype leak, a commotion which is still going on.

The rumour is that when Steve Jobs takes the stage to do the keynote, he will announce the next generation iPhone, which has been popularly tagged the iPhone 4G, but no doubt will probably be called something else. However it is also rumoured that once Steve has announced the next gen device, he will also announce its launch on the same day.

Of course Apple has neither confirmed nor denied this is going to be how it happens and it is all simply based on speculation. But what if Apple doesn’t? Will the entire mobile world crumble if Jobs doesn’t launch the iPhone 4G? Will thousands of iPhone 4G hopefuls suddenly make a mass beeline for the HTC EVO 4G? Will iPhone owners sit on street corners bawling their eyes out?

Well that’s the big question isn’t it; will Apple launch the new iPhone 4G on Monday? Feel free to drop us a comment with your views in our comments area below.


6 thoughts on “WWDC 2010: Will Apple Launch New iPhone 4G Monday?”

  1. Mike B says:

    It doesn't seem to matter WHAT apple announces on Monday because, they made that deal with the devil (AT&T) back in 2007 and Sprint came along with THC and kicked into high gear with pricing and technology of their evo 4g.
    There is no where else to turn for the value that sprint is providing with there everything data plan $79 (includes $10 4g up charge) month and a family plan of 2 phones $149 (includes $10 4g up charge) and when I go to Best Buy later today to get not 2 but 4 Evo 4g's for my parents as well my aving continue by Sprint adding them to the plan for just $39 each. I estimate this to be about 250.00 per mont including taxes or $62.50 per phone per month. Just try getting ALL of those features from AT&T or VERIZON!!! I won't happen!!!
    I have been with iPhone and Blackberry (work forced phone which I can't stand) for years but the time to abandoned ship is NOW. My 3 Mac computers and I will just have to learn how to get along with an ANDROID…

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