iPhone 4G Not Worth Buying, 10 Reasons Why

Apparently when the original iconic iPhone was launched back in 2007 it was a cool smartphone that was “leaps and bounds” over any rival handset, but apparently that has now changed for when the iPhone 4G makes its appearance.

According to Andrew Fox of The Telegraph, the next generation iPhone is a “triumph of marketing over functionality” and it’s not even cool anymore. Therefore he has come up with ten reasons why not to purchase the iPhone 4G.

So here they are…firstly the next iPhone will be too expensive and he reckons a top of the line Android or BlackBerry will cost you a lot less, and if the device wasn’t made by Apple, carriers would be giving it away.

Then the iPhone is “anti-technology” basically meaning Apple deny customer certain functions like sharable WiFi hotspots because of economics. Then comes the absence of Flash, the iPhone promised to put the net into everyone’s pockets but can’t show most of it as the device can’t handle Adobe Flash.

Fourth is multi-tasking on the iPhone or rather the lack of it such as if you try instant messaging you need to open the app to see if you have a message, although this may come with the next iPhone. At the halfway point is a gripe about battery life, which isn’t confined to the iPhone but with the undemanding iPhone tech it can still only offer an equal performance to rival handsets.

Sixth is it cost cash to develop apps for the iPhone, for example with the special edition of BBC iPlayer Eon’s meter reader, and Natwest Phone Banking, the developing of these came cash which cloud have been channelled towards “more generally useful ideas.”

Next apparently your iPhone comes with “offensively bad headphones,” sting next to an old iPhone and you can hear everything coming from the headphones and is an example of Apple charging premium prices for a budget product.

Next comes a biggie, apparently the iPhone isn’t designed well because if you use your iPhone as a phone the reception isn’t that good nor is it comfortable to use for a long period of time. Then there’s the point that iPhone satnav costs £19.99 for the app, whereas both Android and Nokia deliver satnav for free.

Lastly it’s down to the iPod dock, which is apparently “holding back better technologies” basically because as every hotel thinks they should offer iPhone docks, any momentum behind the tech isn’t growing.

So there it is, ten reasons not to purchase the iPhone 4G, or on the other hand, ten gripes of an iPhone hater whichever way you want to look at it.

Update: Just wish to say we made a little mistake and apologize, read on: Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor of the Telegraph wrote the article. Not Andrew Fox – he took the photo…


19 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Not Worth Buying, 10 Reasons Why”

  1. Conrad Malsteem says:

    This has to be the dumbest article, if you call it that, I have ever wasted three minutes on. Really? Someone actually is this ignorant?

  2. raj says:

    So true! Too many zombies in this world who exhibit a pavlovian response to any Apple iThingy advertisment / marketing campaign. When did people forget how to think for themselves?
    At least it provides good entertainment watching people salivate over a phone/netbook.

  3. Mike H says:

    Obviously the ten gripes of an iphone hater because most of the information in this wrong…

    there are several blackberry/android phones that cost more than $199 the iphone 3gs price with a 3 year contract

    Stating that apple no allowing flash is “anti technology” is simply idiotic… learn what HTML5 is then start talking about anti technology .. I thought it was a bad idea to .. until you learn about the new language … they have revolutionized all the products that we use on a daily basis.. computer mice then mp3 players and now the tablet pc .. oh and not to mention phones …

    Shall I continue? of course .. because you didn’t check your facts …

    When the iphone launches in june/july it will be running iphone OS 4.0 .. which has full multitasking .. or if you jailbreak you could’ve had it years ago …

    and saying you need to open and app to see if you have a instant message just proves you’ve never used an iphone.

    the 4g also has a 16% larger battery ..

    the whole cost of app thing .. I’m not even gonna start on this .. but why do you think the app store dwarfs the amount of apps on any other mobile device? BECAUSE PEOPLE WANT COOL APPS

    reception?? get out of here.. stipid comment . .. yes i know its misspelled…

    the ipod dock holding back other technologies .. wasnt that your first complaint?? now you just reaching …

    nice try tho ..

  4. Are U *#*^#%&*^$ ME? says:

    Leave it up to you guys to once again post a bunch of crap. It is obvious that this idiot has never owned an iphone. I have never read so much crap. How can you comment on a yet to be realeased version on the iphone. I am surprised that you didn't tell us exactly what will be on the next iphone, the price, when it will be availble and when will it be going to Verizon. You seem to know so much about the iphone. NOTTTTTT!!!!!!

  5. Armando says:

    I'm a huge iPhone fanboy and I'm seriously looking to buy the htc 4g and get on sprints network 🙁 their maybe some features that seem unimportant on the htc 4g but honestly that's making a huge deal for me (yes I'm typing this on my iPhone 3gs) sucks been a good run using (was) the best smartphone, now it's htc 4g sprinter to be popular 🙂

  6. Joe says:

    I've had a Blackberry for 2 1/2 years now… it has already broken down once, so I had to get a new one (thankfully covered by warranty) and now the keyboard is screwing up and the mobile internet doesn't work properly. My provider says they can't fix it, and my warranty is expired so I have to get a new phone.

    My brother has had an iPhone for a while, and he's had no serious problems.

    iPhone is the way to go. They are trustworthy!

    1. Jacob W says:

      My coworker had the same problem, except he had two of them break since last October.. He then decided to get the iPhone (he already had the ipod touch) and has fallen in love with it.

  7. umario says:

    Funny, this article came even before iphone 4 so how the heck did this buffon came up with shity 10 list. Some ppl are hattes of iphon and steve job. I don't even own iphone but this is stupid article.

  8. Max says:

    iPhone is PURE CRAP….people who buy it are completely brainless…Samsung Wave comes at half the price of an iPhone…it's better than the iphone…i've used both now…

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