WWDC 2010: iPad up first but we want iPhone 4G

Well WWDC 2010 kicked off and the first thing on the agenda was the Apple iPad, which is fine but really the main the main event is of course the next generation iPhone, and we want to know all about that.

The Apple iPad, or big iPhone as it were, has apparently sold one every three seconds amounting to 2 million iPads sold and apparently there are some 8500 iPad applications which have been developed in roughly 2 months, not bad according to the Intomobile live blog.

But we would much rather skip past all the iPad hullabaloo and get down to the nitty-gritty of the next gen iPhone and when we are going to get it right?

We’ve read all the hype, all the rumours, seen all the leaked iPhone 4G images and all we really want is some good honest iPhone 4G confirmation from old Steve Jobs, but unfortunately we are going to have to wait a while yet until all this iPad gear is out of the way.