Will iPhone 4G Release Date Be Announced At Apple Conference 2010?

WWDC 2010 is about to start in less that 30 minutes and we are right on the edge of our seats wonder if Steve Jobs will announce the iPhone and release more details about its new OS 4 and other tit-bits of course.

If he does announce the new Apple iPhone, which we have no doubt in our minds he will would he give us the release date as well or make us wait a little longer. Apple has always for years kept people in the dark and then BANG there you have a new surprise.

Makes us wonder if Apple have another strategy up their sleeves thanks to Gizmodo and the iPhone prototype, the new iPhone is what everyone is waiting for and in less than 30 minutes time you really need to come back to phonesreview.co.uk for all the news you have been waiting for.

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