New iPhone 4G (HD) Questions & Answers, Problems and Expectations

Now seeing as Steve Jobs is about to reveal the all new Apple iPhone being it the 4G or HD or maybe something completely different we thought we would jump the gun a little bit and give you an area for you to visit on everything to do with the latest smartphone.

The new iPhone from Apple will be announced today hopefully at WWDC 2010 at 6PM UK time (Worldwide Times), once this phone has been launched the release date will soon follow and yes at last you will have the most anticipated smartphone this year in your hands.

Now we know through experience that you will want to ask many questions now and of course after release, when you do have the handset in your possession you may encounter a few problems with either design, software or indeed hardware, and if this does occur just scroll down a little and use the comments area and have your say.

Expectations are running high at the moment and many are wondering if the new iPhone design we have all seen is the real finished release version, are the specifications that have been revealed going to be on the new iPhone. So many questions and so many answers will emerge.

If you have anything to say on the above please do post all in the comments area provided below, this is the time for you to have your say.


One thought on “New iPhone 4G (HD) Questions & Answers, Problems and Expectations”

  1. Alan West says:

    My iPhone has a really big problem when I call any of my contacts and it goes through to their voicemail. As soon as their voicemail kicks in, my iphone screen shuts down to become blank – and when I've left my short message – my iPhone screen remains blank – anmd I'm unable to end the call in any way. This means that the contact's voicemail will pick up my constant tapping of my iphone screen to end the call – and also continues picking up any conversations or noise around me until I manage to end the call -by turning the Iphone off – and rebooting. This is most annoying and embarrassing. Does anyone else have this problem please?

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