New iPhone 4G Today at WWDC: Can It Live Up To Expectations?

Today is the day when Apple announces the new iPhone 4G, the question we all want answers to is, Can it live up to expectations? Well at 6PM UK time we will find out (Full WWDC 2010 Worldwide Start Times Here).

The hype has been staggering since the new iPhone emerged on the web especially when we got a glimpse of what the new smartphone will look like and what specifications we could expect, and this was all thanks to Gizmodo.

Apple if we are all correct will be expected to reveal the new device and of course the new iPhone OS 4.0, also to be mentioned will be more details covering Game Center social-networking feature, iAd advertising service for App Store apps and Apple TV amongst other things like Safari 5 and much more.

We are hoping what we have learned about the new Apple iPhone is all true like the front-facing camera, totally new design and a higher resolution display (HD baby), will the smartphone really be the one we have seen all over the web with a square and flat finish? Lets hope so!

What about the price: Well hopefully it should be similar to the current iPhone 3GS, if they do release this new iPhone and put a relatively low price tag on it we can see it being the most successful selling handset of all time.

Keep coming back readers, as we will cover all the WWDC 2010 news today, today is the day for either smiles or sadness. Let the fun begin as they say


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