How to Install Android 2.2 Froyo OS on iPhone 3G

Looks like the Apple iPhone 3G is getting some Android 2.2 Froyo OS love, yes at last some evidence of this Android operating system being ported successfully.

According to Gadgets DNA they found some very interesting information via iDroid how to install it on the iPhone 3G with a walkthrough on how to do it. Android 2.2 on the Apple smartphone seems to working well except for Wi-Fi and audio.

The help guide will show you how it is done and walks you through Prerequisites, Transferring files on the iPhone and Installation Openiboot.

If you have done the above already or thinking about installing android 2.2 Froyo on iPhone 3G please let us know how you got on, we would like to know if it has been successful for you or if you have encountered problems.

If you have any comments about the above please do let us know in the area provided below, if we find out anything more on the above we will let you know.


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