Android 2.2 Tour Video: But is it Better than iPhone OS?

Well Google is now pushing out the latest version of the Android operating system called Android 2.2 or Froyo which is short for Frozen Yoghurt as with the usual desert naming by Google, but is this latest update to the OS better than the iPhone OS?

Well you can make that judgement for yourselves as we have a video tour of Android 2.2 for your viewing pleasure today courtesy of Jon Rettinger of Technobuffalo which lasts almost seven minutes of OS 2.2 goodness.

Android 2.2 Froyo delivers several new goodies to the platform such as a new home screen tips widget which assists users to configure the home screen and the browser and applications launcher now have dedicated shortcuts on the home screen.

Other gear included in the video tour is Exchange support, Camera and Gallery, and Portable Hotspot. So rather than me rattle on I’ll let you get to watching that Android 2.2 video tour below and see if you think it’s as good or better than the iPhone OS and feel free to drop us your thoughts in our comments area…enjoy.


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