Dell Streak O2 Release Date: Mini Android Tablet Smartphone

The Dell Streak Mini Tablet Smartphone will be exclusive to O2 and its release date is June 4 (Well it says coming soon June 4). Some have called this device the Dell Mini 5 tablet but O2 is simply calling it the Streak.

It will be sold via O2 and Carphone Warehouse, this 5-inch little beauty will feature a 1GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Google Android OS, and the bit we like most of all about this device is it can make phone calls unlike the Apple iPad.

There are many features such as browse the Internet, email, entertainment, shopping, gaming, social networking and navigation. This all works great with the 5-inch multi-touch widescreen display, which is superb for viewing, gaming, apps and of course widgets.

The Dell Streak comes pre-loaded with Facebook, Flickr and much more, one product many possibilities. For more information please visit O2 Online and please do comment below about this device.

Source — BBC News


8 thoughts on “Dell Streak O2 Release Date: Mini Android Tablet Smartphone”

  1. Fred Barnett Jr. says:

    Very impressive unit. Very complete set of features, some that other iTab/SmartPhones

    do not have. Max size, with max portability &

    connection capabilities, that you can carry in

    shirt pocket, pants pocket, jacket pocket or purse. Basically you can take anywhere & not

    have to worry about carrying in your hand. Even though the size is large for use as Smartphone,

    you pretty much have to or is best to use Bluetooth Headset while driving, so why not use all the time, like I have with iPhone for a few years now. This all-in-one device including eReader, GPS turn by turn capability, with USB & HDMI on docking station is a steal, considering all of its capabilities !! Don’t miss out.

  2. Lun says:

    this is all i need on the go, no netbook/ipad/iphone along, just dell streak will do. This should consider the best device ever, just hope it wont be laggy while multi-task.

  3. Nick Tester says:

    It has been classed as a, "Tablet PC.".
    You might think that this is bulky, to use as a Phone, and Every time, Something like this comes out…
    (Does Anyone remember the Nokia Communicators?).
    … I say to People, "It's a Computer, with a Phone… Not a Phone, with a Computer.".

    Two Points: Firstly; If You want a big Screen, and more Battery Life, Your Devices, ARE going to have to get bigger.
    Deal with it. :P.

    Secondly, I've had this Phone for less than 24 Hours, and already, I'm noticing, that when You hold the Phone, with Your Right Hand, You're hitting the Three Buttons on the Right, as You hold it.
    That's the only thing that I'm struggling with, at the Moment.

    It's good for what it is.
    The Keypad Locks, when You aren't using it. (Unlike the BlackBerry 9700…).
    Then, Everything's in there…
    None of this fiddling around, with Mi-FI/ I-Pad Combos.
    Oh, AND the Googlemail Sync/ Push, is a welcome touch.

    Oh, and best of all, if You don't like how Android Works, You can just edit the Code.
    (It's not for Everyone, but I'm sure that there are some People on the Internet, who can help You out, if that 's not Your Idea of, "Fun"… There used to be a whole Forum, of People who programmed for the XDAs, a while ago…).

    In summary, give it a chance, You might be happily surprised.

    Love & Peace!

  4. This is a brilliant phone, but a shame about the size. It's too small to be a tablet and too big to be a phone, and the sizing is nothing short of awkward. Hopefully for Dell this will open up almost a new market for them, however it's been a few months now and I haven't seen many people with them. Despite the size, gotta love Android though 😉

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