Dell Streak Android 2.1 Smartphone, release date details

Some really nice Dell goodies are available for you to choose from as an article from Engadget.com reports.

If you’re a Dell making mobiles forever fanatic then the device your probably more interested in getting a hold of is more than likely to be the Streak which was previously known as the Mini 5, and we know you’ve been patiently waiting for quite some time.

Now we have some interesting news or you, the Mini tablet is reported to be getting Android 2.1 later this year in September. Sadly there isn’t any update on the rather vague summer launch window for the actual device.

Therefore there is no knowing how much more time you’ll have to suffer without 2.1 holding on patiently and being told that it’ll all be okay. If you were for some reason concerned that you wouldn’t be able to kit the thing out with accessories by checking out the collection in the gallery should put your mind at rest.

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