Dell Smoke Android Froyo Phone, Specifications: Is it Tasty

Try to picture this in your mind, think of a Pixi but exaggerate it somewhat, hopefully you should now have a rather nice image in your mind.

Perhaps something that resembles a phone that is being cooked up by Dell with a codename of Smoke running Android Froyo on top. We have only just reported on another Dell new device the Streak which if you missed the article can be viewed here.

The new phone from Dell has a 2.8 inch QVGA display although we think it looks more like WVGA but hey ho. Dell has described the phone as having a non conforming style but one thing is for sure this really is an eye opener and looks truly stunning.

If we presume that the end product is anything similar to the company renders, then there will be no disappointment. We have also been informed that the device will not break the bank.

We are expecting that the device is being aimed at a corporate audience and that is the niche that enjoys portrait QWERTY keyboards, so this could slot in quite nicely in that sea of BlackBerrys when it launches during the second quarter of 2011. That is a heck of a long wait, but we think it‘ll be worth it.

Source – Engadget.com

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