Dell Aero AT&T Release Date, 624MHz Processor and Handwriting Support

Looks like Dell is stepping up a gear or two, this time round its about the new Dell Aero and its release date and specifications. We have already mentioned today about the Dell Lightning Windows 7 Phone and the Dell Thunder.

New leaked details, reports that the Dell Aero will feature a fairly slow 624MHz Marvell processor and Handwriting support and that AT&T will be have a Q2 release date.

Other features include a 3.5-inch capacitive multitouch screen and will ship with a stylus to work the handwriting recognition; it will also have QuickOffice straight out of the box and supports Microsoft ActiveSync and Exchange.

The handset will boast WebKit browser with Flash Lite and a cool media player as well, it will have some sort of music streaming and download ability that will be protected by Windows Media DRM according to Engadget (Visit them also to see their photo gallery).

It has also been said that it will run Android 1.5 but may possibly have an Android 2.1 update around Q3 and Q4. As soon as we hear about the exact release date we will let you know.


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