iPhone 4 Black or White Which One?

Well as we all found out during Steve Jobs keynote, the new iPhone 4 will become available in both Black and White, but which version catches your eye the most, do you fancy that business style black or that morecasual white version?

Personally I think the black version looks a whole lot better than the white version, the white looks kind of tacky to me, but that is my own opinion. No doubt some will purchase the iPhone 4 and tart it up with a coloured case or even go the Colorware route when it becomes available for the new iPhone 4.

I currently have a white Android smartphone and to be quite honest it does get kind of grubby looking, so when I upgrade I’ll probably opt for a black handset rather than white, but I won’t be going for the iPhone 4 as I personally prefer Android.

So we’d like to know which version our readership will plump for black iPhone 4 or white iPhone 4 and would like you to express your preferred choice by voting in out poll below so we can see which will be the more popular colour, may thanks in advance.

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13 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Black or White Which One?”

  1. Well for Apple's iPhone color doesn't matter at all because the features are so good that impresses me most.I have seen many colors of the iPhone and the most I like is its original color which is black.But its not of much importance in front of the functionalities and features of it.

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      iPhone_4_me says:

      This is exactly how I feel except I'm leaning more towards the white only because the front is also white and I'm kind of bored of the black front. Looks too generic.

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    James says:

    White is better.

    1) Retina display. A white frame background will enhance contrast.

    2) Blends in better with the metallic strip in the middle.

    3) White softens the pointier corners.

    4) White conceals greasy finger smudges better.

    5) White distinctly tells everyone from afar this is the Iphone 4 and neither is it Iphone 3GS and earlier, nor is it one of the similar devices from HTC/Samsung/Nokia etc.

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      Reynaldo says:

      Thanks for the push. I got the white 3G on launch day 2 yrs ago because I loved the clean modern look of the back. I wasn't sure about the white front on this new model, even though the back is way cooler, But after reading your post, you do have a point about the finger smudges distinguishing the iphone vs other new smartphones. Thanks.

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    KHudson says:

    I think the white brings out the steel side more. It just makes it pop & it looks slick with the glass over it. It also seems that our finger prints & smudges would not be so visible on it.The back on the white one looks a lot better than the front does. I don't like that you can see the camera and the proximity sensor on the front. But I'm beginning to not care. The black just looks boring to me now. I'm ordering mine with some life in it WHITE!!!!

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    BDizzle says:

    Why even bother marketing the white version and getting everyone excited about it if you're not going to actually offer it on launch day? It's annoying. I'm sure Apple knew last week that they weren't planning to offer the white version on release date.

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    Paddy says:

    White to the end, i have black front for the last 3 yrs already, i want something different this time.

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