iPhone 4 Retina Display Ad Pixel Display Claim is Fake?

Hmm, well apparently Apple has been trying to con everyone over the iPhone 4, and iPhone chief Steve Jobs has also “already been busted,” for exaggerating the resolution of a new iPhone screen, and is apparently just the latest in a range of misleading claims, images and videos.

An article over on Gawker by Ryan Tate reports that George Ou, former ZDnet technical director and now writing for Digital Society has uses several renderings and images to “convincingly establish” Steve Jobs’ team uses images to “fake” a pixel density improvement “twice ad good as actually delivered” on the basis of pixel per inch, you can read the entire article and see all the images by visiting their website.

Apparently Apple pictures showed an improvement of 3 to 5 times rather than the 2 times improvement delivered by the iPhone 4 Retina Display.

Furthermore the article on Gawker also claims that this isn’t the first time Apple has tried to deceive people, and makes mention of such things as photoshopping Flash onto the iPad, Apple TV ads for the “twice as fast” iPhone 3GS.

I have to say that all this pixel tech stuff is beyond me so I wouldn’t really know if Apple had faked anything, and I would presume it’s the same for most people who use a smartphone; but if Apple really has tried to con the public then really it isn’t on is it; Retinal Display video below.

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