2nd US iPhone Carrier Coming, Most Likely T-mobile Says Analyst

For what seems like generations, calls have been shouted for another carrier to offer the iconic iPhone in the US and thus end AT&T’s exclusivity. Well apparently Shaw WU, an analyst for Kaufman Bros backed the rumours.

According to an article on Electronista, tipsters are saying Apple is “keen” to add carriers for their iPhone in an attempt to undermine Android as Android has grown where Apple hasn’t and other networks carrying the iPhone could stunt that growth.

Kaufman Bros analyst Wu acknowledges the belief that Verizon would be the next iPhone carrier in the states, but insists that T-Mobile is the most likely candidate as Apple already supports one of the necessary 3G frequencies and thus would not require a complete architecture change.

Apparently sources who are aware of T-Mobile’s options have stated that T-Mobile wants the iPhone as a way of stopping the continued loss of customers, which would make them more acceptable of Apple’s terms verbatim while Verizon may continue to argue with the iPhone giant.

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