iPhone 4 Will Put Pressure on Nokia and Sony Ericsson

With the unveiling of the new iPhone 4 smartphone by Apple, naturally many other smartphone makers are going to feel the pinch as thousands rush to pick up the new device once it becomes available to the public.

According to a Gustav Sandstrom, article over on Totaltele, industry watchers said on Tuesday that Nokia and Sony Ericsson will continue to feel pressure in the high end smartphone market through the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4.

CCS Insight analyst, Ben Wood had said that the iPhone 4 will reach several key markets quickly along with having a similar price to the older iPhone 3GS. Therefore the iPhone 4 is likely to be the “best-selling iPhone ever.”

Wood also remarked that Nokia will need to work hard in the high end market to battle the iPhone 4, but the upcoming Nokia N8 could be a “potent challenger” in the European market. Nokia and Sony Ericsson have both declined to comment on what the launch of the new iPhone 4 may mean to their business.

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