Nokia N8 Verses iPhone 4 Comparison Battle

As most has now gone all official with the new iPhone 4, naturally the latest device from the Apple camp will be compared to other smartphone and now the iPhone 4 has been compared to the Nokia N8.

The device comparison has been done by Phil B over at NokNok which starts by saying that the Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 are 2 of the biggest handsets of the year. Okay, so let’s find out how they compare…

Starting off with the camera, the iPhone 4 offers a 5 megapixel camera while the Nokia N8 sports a 12 megapixel snapper, and they say that even the mid range Nokia 6700 Slider can match the iPhone 4 camera and still offer more features and image quality.

Moving onto HD video output, apparently the Nokia N8 can output 780p video while the iPhone 4 has been restricted to just 576p via an Apple AV cable, so the Nokia N8 wins there.

App store wise, well we know Apple’s App Store commands in the market while the Ovi Store is still in its infancy, but the OVI store has a big advantage over the App Store and that is that it is unrestricted. It’s easy for developers to create apps while with the Apple App Store developers require Apple’s acceptance of their apps.

Back to the Nokia N8 and iPhone 4, next up is satellite navigation. If you want mapping on the iPhone 4 it’s going to cost you for both a premium satnav service and in-car holder while Ovi Maps free turn by turn navigation is preinstalled as standard on the Nokia N8.

Build quality wise, the new iPhone 4 has taken a good step up with glass front and back, stainless steel frame and fingerprint protection coating, however the Nokia N8 is constructed in anodised aluminium which should remain looking new for longer.

Then the biggie, multi-tasking, the iPhone 4 offers multi-tasking via third party apps; however with Symbian^3 the Nokia N8 is well suited to multi-tasking and also has a dedicated GPU.

So there it is, their comparison of the Nokia N8 against the iPhone 4, but one can’t help thinking that beings it’s NokNok they are kind of bias towards the Nokia device.


10 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Verses iPhone 4 Comparison Battle”

  1. Chris Mendez says:

    Nokia is the best! I have to get an N8. The iPhone 4 may be good, but if Nokia did put it out as soon as the iPhone 4 came out, there's so no doubt that it would have been one of the largest selling phones on the planet.

  2. Larry says:

    In my opinion, nokia have totally lost the plot with their smartphones and are fading into insignificance in the smartphone world, they just dont have any of the pull factor of some of the other smartphone makers and the phones features and op system are poorly integrated, unless nokia come up with something mindblowingly special, i predict the complete end of their smartphone relevence soon. A lot is riding on the n8, which lets face it, hands on reviews have suggested its not that good atall compared to other makes of smartphones, namelt htc and apple.

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