T-Mobile iPhone 4 Release Confirmed, But When?

The iPhone 4 in the UK will be released on O2, Vodafone and Orange, which we mentioned yesterday and now the T-Mobile iPhone 4 release has been confirmed.

O2, Orange and Vodafone will release the iPhone June 24 but T-Mobile has not given any dates or prices as of yet, they will not be releasing the new smartphone on June 24 according to Tech Watch, which means if you want the iPhone 4 on the T-Mobile network you will have to sit back and wait a little longer.

We mentioned Monday about O2 offering an early upgrade to existing customers, they will give you some sort of deal to those still under contract, do you think T-Mobile will offer the same sort of deal?

Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse as usual will stock the new Apple iPhone 4 smartphone, please let us know why you will be buying the new smartphone and of course why you will not be.


6 thoughts on “T-Mobile iPhone 4 Release Confirmed, But When?”

  1. Scott says:

    Bit crap that there is no date for the release of iPhone 4 on T-Mobile!! Surely they know, there just not telling us?… If i'm waiting too long i'll prob just switch too 02 as contract is up soon.

  2. ash says:

    What is t-mobile waiting on they are always the last to get all the good phones.
    If all the other network providers can get the new iphone 4 i don't understand what the problem.
    If there keeping customers waiting for to long they will loose out big time,

  3. Cheekystallion says:

    If it's like any other T-Mobile phone I've had, the delay is probably down to the time taken for them create the tacky branded firmware for the phones which again from experience, usually works to the detriment of the phones performance. Just buy your iPhone direct and get a micro-sim when they finally sort them out. Result = an iPhone that works the way apple wanted it to without the pink rubbish from your service provider!

  4. jojo says:

    i talked to someone at t-mobile the other day as im also wanting to get the new iphone 4. i told them that i will be moving networks if it was going to take too long to come out, and they said they did not have a date to when its coming out but defo at the end of july 2010! so it better be or 02 will be getting yet another new customer as my contract is now up!

  5. Suzey says:

    I was supposed to be due for an upgrade with t-mobile at the end of august (july they normally do it a month early) but because i spend so much money with them i was eligible for an earlier upgrade in may! they didnt have any iphones yet so waited til july and ordered the 3gs because of the problems with the iphone 4, i have called them since saying im not too happy with the 3gs and woud like the iphone 4 but as usual no clue when they are going to have it! like other customers if its too long i will also change networks there are so many deals out there now! I cant understand why it takes them so long to get the new phones! no wonder they're not the top network anymore!

  6. sean john says:

    T-mobile needs to wake up, and wake up soon or else millions of people will simply move to O2, simple. It would also be handy if they could release the expected dates of this iphone 4, they are acting as if they are the first to release this smart phone. Me and my family are moving to the best network (o2) next month. see ya

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