iPhone Dock iCrystal Also Works With iPhone 4

Well if you are of a mind to pick up the new iPhone 4 when it becomes available in all its stunning sleekness, you may want to get an iPhone dock that matches that stunning and sleekness and that’s where the iCrystal dock from Speakal comes in.

According to Casey Chan of Gizmodo, the guys over at Speakal have upped their design with the iCrystal dock which will support all iPhone devices including the new next generation device the iPhone 4, and iPods via the dock connector while everything else can be done via the 3.5mm jack.

The iCrystal dock does indeed look to be a stunning futuristic docking station that would suit the cool design of the iPhone 4 well with the iCrystal’s floating half orbs and glowing blue lights it does look attractive.

Also not too unattractive is the asking price for the iCrystal which will set you back $79.99, $80 for a dock befitting the iPhone 4 can’t be bad. You also have the choice of three colours; being Red, Black or White, now will you be buying one for your new iPhone 4?


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