Nokia N8 Review, Problems and Questions

We want to generate a place for Nokia N8 smartphone users to come and have their say, it is a place for all Nokia N8 owners to come forward and send in your personal review, opinions and of course any problems you may be experiencing.

The latest news covering the Nokia N8 device is the Vodafone release, yesterday we mentioned that you can now ‘Register for Updates’ on its website, it is coming very soon to this carrier.

The main features for the Nokia N8 include microSD card slot, 12-megapixel camera featuring Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss lens, turn-by-turn GPS, mini HDMI slot, 16GB internal memory, 3.5-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen display (640×360 pixels), Bluetooth, WiFi and record HD content.

So if you own or once you do get your hands on the Nokia N8 we would love for you to send in your review, problems and of course any other question you want to ask about this device. You can check out the price of this smartphone by visiting Google Shopping.


178 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Review, Problems and Questions”

  1. MOrpheus says:

    Nokia N8 is a piece of shit.
    The N8 keeps on rebooting for Absolutely no reason at all
    Worst phone I have ever seen in my life
    The first couple of days it started hanging due to unknown reasons.

    And now when i installed the Kapersky Antivirus trial version from Kapersky labs version 9.3.69
    filename : kmsecurity_9.3.69_en.sis
    It keeps on rebooting.

    A great hardware is only as good as the software which drives it.
    in my opinion Symbian 3 sucks !!!

    I have used Sony Ericson (java version), my dad's Motorola, my own personal HTC (older Windows mobile O2, Mini as well as new Android)
    Currently I am using the HTC wildfire Android 2.1

    In fact even the cheap chinese phones are even better than the N8….At least they are the value for money unlike the N8.

    All phones have their pros / cons but the N8 is simpley pathetic. I hope I can get my money back

    I will have to take it to the Nokia care center tomorrow.

    1. chen ming says:

      I am having the same problem like you, and i sent my N8 for repair once already.But the rebooting and hanging still very bad.I am very frustrated!

      1. n8lander says:

        dont install every rubbish you find on the store, reduce the amount of useless widgets
        reseat the sim card, remove needless AV stuff (you need AV software only if you make it a habit to install every garbage on the phone)

        now — when the phone is in a clean state, and it still reboots – hell, go and replace it – it has warranty,
        nokia care also repairs if your dealer is an ass.

  2. bikrom says:

    I wish I could post any problems with the NOKIA N8. Unfortunately I was not able to turn it on even once. Bought it in orange and has been a brick since second 1(no exaggeration). No charging indication although the computer recognises a 'NOKIA USB ROM' when conneceted via USB. Looks like the one in a million piece has got me. The costliest brick I ever bought(although it shouldn't be good at that either). sigh

    1. Aravinth says:

      hai the same goes for me…………… bought at 6/11/2010 started working at 7/11/2010 and returned back on 7th afternon…………… it din't show any response while charging and when connected to the PC but after getting fully charged it started working …………… But within 2hours it started hanging and then it switched off by itself…………. some more problems that i heared is that bluetooth sense up to 1km and since battery is closed it get hotter …………………

      only few has persons got like these problems ……………… Along with me 6 got this but only i got this problem i dont know what to do i asked for replacement the retailer asked me to come after 3 days…………………………….

    2. NickNack says:

      I had the same problem also when i took it home it would not go on then i took it back and was given another now this one keeps crashing and turning on and off itself. I just came across a website on this saying that a small number of people will experience this due to a fault in the phone which they have now fixed. Its ridiculous.

      1. bikrom says:

        replacement is the only option for this problem. don't go for repair or soft, hard reset or a software update. because every experiment in the book was done on my first piece by the retailer before he replaced it.

        he informs me over phone "ur set is working great now, i have installed some cool apps and loaded some videos too. please take it". i say, "great then, i will take it".

        one hour later

        dealer: here is ur phone
        me: turn it on please
        dealer:(after 5 mins) it's not turning on. i dont know, it was fine half an hour ago. i will replace it then.

  3. bob usher says:

    I waited for months for this phone and its not good. It had a flat battery from full charge yesterday in only 8 hours. That included 1 20 min call and not a lot of messing about with the phone as I was it work. The screen isn't very good. My wife's iphone 3gs is much much better. as is my sons iphone4. Its not bright or contrasty even after turning the brightness right up. The home screen is poor and I have yet to find a way to find out if I have e mails on 4 of my e mail accounts without having all 4 sets of e mails on my home screen. My blackberry has an inbox on the home screen that lets me know if there are any new mails. Sat nav is really good and being a pro photographer the camera is really good. Other than that its not good. Nokia support if hard to get as well. I can ring apple for a chat with an i phone. It may be going up for sale. Anyone want a fantasic new N8. Not good.

  4. becciboo says:

    I have the New Nokia N8 and I find for the msot part iti s good. I have a few niggles with it at the min, the phones abit sluggish, and likes to get itself confused quickly. if I turn it off and back on again it fixed it. but other than that a couple of times it been a fairly decent phone. much better than my previous one anyway. and its release date was only yesterday so hopefully new software updates will fix it soon!

  5. Brian says:

    I have my nokia n8 3 days, and have to agree that it really is awful. turns itself off for no reason and wont turn back on for 10 minutes. crashes regularily DO NOT BUY

  6. sydkneeudy says:

    I just got mine today – and sent it back tonight. It wouldn't even turn on, nor could it charge through the wall charger or the computer. On calling the customer service, they said my phone was "really malfunctioning". No kidding…
    Well, it's gone now. I don't know if I should wait out the initial bugs or just go for a different phone.

  7. nicola G says:

    got mine yesterday and have had the same problem will not turn on at all, will not charge, just completly dead supposed to have another one being sent out but this is the second site that i have seen these reviews on where loads of people are having the same issue. x

  8. tgp says:

    got n8 thur, after 3 hours switched off,wont .turn on, took back to store they were very good and chan.ged for new,within 30 min turned off in call .its rubbish,they said it was ,.all sorted out,what do i .go for,i want a phone that works, trevor

  9. Smoky says:

    My phone has been rebooting for like 30 time per hr, stupid shit. to finish it of with a style, now its totally frozen. the screen the frozen as it is. no battery to remove and place is back.

    Really bad. i guess nokia should get out of N series collection. bad reputation!!!

  10. Ecco says:

    ..had it for 7 days, within that time frame, reseting randomly, or turning off for no reason known to me (bloody phone is just on the desk, i havent touch it)..finally 7th day, while i was typing sms, phone went frozen, shuts off and i was unable to turn it on since..no sign of life or anything..sent it back and waiting new unit..if again such thing happen, ill change it for other type…what a piece of crap..DO NOT BUY..

  11. H.Eight says:

    Had my N8 on the 25/10/2010, screen kept freezing, turned of and on seemed to clear it, last time though phone completely reset itself and I lost all contacts emails and Pics, oh emails, set it up for btconnect.com, pop3/smtp or I thought I did, could recieve emails no problem, but phone would not send them, had no notification on home screen that email had arrived. Mine is on Vodafone, couldn't get a good reception for signal anywhere, sometimes no signal, same sim and N73 had plenty of signal, now using my N73 and N8 has gone back, after all they do near enough the same thing N73 is just not so pretty but it works

  12. Jack says:

    After 7 days my N8 died completely, I managed to do the soft reset, but it didnt help, then I did hard reset and it kind of started to work, but all the personalisation was lost, then I got a phone call and the phone booted. After powering on again, I connected the N8 via USB cable to my PC and started to sync contacts, wll the phone died completely and has not powered on since last friday. I am going to try another one as there is new SW update available, but if this happens again after the SW update, I am going to be EX loyal Nokia user.

  13. Peter says:

    My N8 was working fine until I tried to download the Kaspersky Mobile Security. It turned itself off whilst doing so and on restarting does not recognise SIM (phone is unlocked and have tried two different SIMs), keeps freezing and goes to the Nokia pre welcome screen (white screen with Nokia in blue). From here it either goes back to first screen or switches off. I can't even get far enough to reinstall factroy settings. Hopeless. It would appear that Kaspersky has done this to several phones. It should be removed from the OVI applications list

  14. MOG says:

    Got my N8 on 01/11/2010, packed it back up 3 hours later, the thing would turn on but it only showed the firmware build level and a message "Local Mode" then a nice NOKIA. I tried everything and phoned O2 support who were very kind but no use at all. Hope to stop my 24 month contract (as its within 14 days) and change to a iphone 4. DO NOT BUY…

  15. Peter says:

    Another day without a mobile phone. I'm currently in Spain on business which makes matters worse. I've only had this contract since 27th October on an Orange contract through Phones4U. First mistake! Orange don't want to know. They don't accept that my contract is with them despite the fact they take the direct debit. Phones4U tell me that by the time I get back to the UK I won't be able to demand an exchange and only a repair. However the worst of all is Nokia. They admit to huge problems with this phone, but refused to deal with me because I wasn't in the UK. I spent €20 on a phone call without even getting a chance to talk to somebody technical, on the remote chance that they could tell me what was wrong and if it could be fixed. This company does not know the meaning of customer service. Its time that some of the board members there realised that they cannot rely on their once but long gone wonderful reputation for making great mobiles. They should read a few blogs!

  16. Peter says:

    After absolutely no help from Nokia at all despite an expensive telephone call costing €20, I finally managed to keep my phone on for long enough to get it to restore to factory settings. It's now working perfectly again despite the fact I've lost all my info and a phone contacts list of over 150 people. I have little doubt that it was the Kaspersky Mobile Download that caused the problem as has been reported by other people with this phone. Nokia sit on their backsides and do nothing about it.

  17. dizzy says:

    i have had the nokia N8 for not even a week i got it on a Saturday and thenn it just kept turning on and off and then on the tuesday it just wouldnt start at all, and stoped totally working. Had to wait to days to get a new one and then i got a new one on the thursday and then the following monday it stoped working. Even though the camera is amazing it is a shocking phone i wish i picked a HTC instead of this Nokia rubbish. hope i can change it to a totaly different phone.

  18. steve says:

    hi every one the nokia n8 is doing my head this is the 2nd one now i get and it keep on freezing up turn ing it self off for over a hour it is complete rubish .i allways have nokia phone but with this one i change my mind.so my advice leave the n8 alone .

  19. Rances says:

    If you want to skip the back history skip to “Get the N8”
    Being a deeply loyal customer and trying to give them all the benefit of the doubt they still manage to convince me that I’m wasting my time. I had a Nokia n85 for two years. Earlier this year it started giving me trouble with the screen, it would black out while the phone was still on. I heard about the N8 and became extremely excited about it. For about the last three months the only way I could use my old phone was by plugging it into the TV and using that as the monitor, but I was set on waiting for the N8 so I dealt (even though its release date kept getting pushed) finally the time comes its available for pre order! I go to nokia.com to order the phone and a problem occurs and the order is canceled… ok I’ll just order again right… NO I can’t because the order was canceled Nokia won’t let me order it for another month cause no one can tell the system what to do (especially in India) so my account is on some sort of system hold. Apparently the system can do whatever it wants and no one has any control over it! I tell them “I’M TRYING TO GIVE YOU MONEY AND YOUR TELLING ME THE SYSTEM SAYS NO!!!” “Please try again in a month sir”.
    Ok so whatever I’ll order it from Amazon to see if it becomes available to me sooner (I need a phone!) Great, Amazon says it’s ready sooner than anticipated!

    Get the N8

    Ok so I receive the phone and get to hold it in my hands after months of starring at pictures and videos of it, exciting! Follow the proper procedure charge it first then insert the SIM and memory cards and turn it on. Ok its starting up… no, no ok turn it on again, there it goes, great! Oh look there’s an update ok… wait the phone is rebooting… ok let’s try that again, wait no rebooting again. Ok let me just let it sit there for a moment. I grab my laptop to see what others are saying about it. Guess what, my phone isn’t the only one that randomly reboots over and over again, but some of these people are saying that it went off and won’t turn back on, check my phone, sure enough it’s off and won’t turn on. I give it an hour and it turns on. Right away I plug it into the comp and reinstall the software version just in case then I sync it on OVI. The next morning I see the phone rebooting on my night stand, I give the benefit of the doubt “I’m half asleep who knows what I saw” I say. Works fine for the first full work day. Next day around 1pm I’m having lunch and the phone on the table reboots, and then again and again. Time to call India (Nokia customer care) “let’s try restoring factory setting sir” ok I’ll humor them and ask him for his direct number so I can call from a diff phone “just ask for an N8 specialist” ok, so I hang up the phone and begin to enter the code, but the phone freezes and wont react and then turns off, and won’t turn on. I call Nokia and explain again all that has happened, and add that I’ve read others are having similar issues. “Ok sir what we recommend is exchanging it where you purchased it from and hopefully we will come out with an update to fix the problem from happening again in the future”.
    ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! Day three, phone still won’t turn on…

  20. guest says:

    Got my N8 last week. It was fast. totally brilliant. The best mobile ever or so I thought. Two days ago I downloaded a trial version of spb. It then kept switching itself on and off and freezing. It then stopped working despite all the advised rebooting. Just refused to work. Got a replacement today. So sluggish despite the software update and has already froze 4 times. Damn shame as this phone has so much potential.

  21. lee says:

    Well what can i say? Cant connect to ovi software no facebook for mobile yet stopped a call, keeps hanging, turned on video and all i got was a black screen and the lens wouldnt open non responsive to touch alot of the time. Superb camera and video when it wants to be but i am going to contact my store and ask for a change to a sony erricson xperia or blackberry torch or something but NOT another one of these as they have rushed it out without checking it out properly.

    I love the phone but it doesnt love its self:(

  22. Lesley says:

    I bought the N8 on Wed 3rd Nov by Fri 5th Nov it has switched itself off and will not come back on.
    As a 50year old novice with technology I am finding it very frustrating.
    I spent Wed and Thurs transferring all my data, contacts and even bought a sim card so I could transfer text messages I wanted to keep from special people. Don't know how to get the phone back on to get all this back, I am devastated. I bought the N8 from carphone warehouse and will be ready for battle to get a different phone.

  23. UMI says:

    I bought it last night and charged it for 2 hrs. Then when i started to do sharing multimedia applications. Its reboots itself and it happeend couple of times. What is this problem?
    Shit phone!

  24. lee says:

    Ok from my previous post obviously ovi wont work on my vista but does on my windows 7? I have been to phones 4 u today and they were very helpfull, there have been many reports of when reseting the phone it loses fb etc but they did a software reset rather than phone reset and everything is there and it is working fine for now although over the next few days i will be recording anything that happens but hopefully it wont and nokia will pull their finger out and iron out all the bugs real soon and make it an available update:)

  25. Aravinth says:

    hai the same goes for me…………… bought at 6/11/2010 started working at 7/11/2010 and returned back on 7th afternon…………… it din't show any response while charging and when connected to the PC but after getting fully charged it started working …………… But within 2hours it started hanging and then it switched off by itself…………. some more problems that i heared is that bluetooth sense up to 1km and since battery is closed it get hotter …………………

    only few has persons got like these problems ……………… Along with me 6 got this but only i got this problem i dont know what to do i asked for replacement the retailer asked me to come after 3 days…………………………….And i live in coimbatore

  26. Jack says:

    Got mine on the 7/11/2010 started first time so left it to charge, after removing from charger it ran for about half a day before it turned off, after leaving it on the charger for a few more hours I was able to turn it back on, but this afternoon 8/11/2010 it has turned itself off again, this time I think for good.

  27. bikrom says:

    “I wish I could post any problems with the NOKIA N8. Unfortunately I was not able to turn it on even once. Bought it in orange and has been a brick since second 1(no exaggeration). No charging indication although the computer recognises a ‘NOKIA USB ROM’ when conneceted via USB. Looks like the one in a million piece has got me. The costliest brick I ever bought(although it shouldn’t be good at that either). sigh”

    this phone was replaced by the dealer after he tried to mend it for 3 days. the new one is working fine till now. but i am being very careful with it.

  28. Indonesia says:

    Was suprised to find the N8 available in a rural Indonesian town. Bought it, worked great over the weekend. Only after loading Ovi on my PC and syncing did it turn off and not on again. I've sent it back to the shop to see if they can do anything but besides replacing it or giving my money back, I doubt it. Will update if I am wrong.

  29. dean de says:

    ok so i got the phone two weeks ago has been fine, this weekend didnt want to disconnect from the internet, no on or off button for wifi it seems, so in the space of half a day with pretty much no use the battery is drained twice.

    The hold key works when it wants, web browsing is a joke as it is so slow even on wifi, the user interface is so unuser-friendly it’s no joke. The screen goes light and dark all the time,.

    On the up side camara is good and i do like the style and feel of the phone.

    I know two other people with this phone and both are having issues with it i’m trying to reserve my negativity as i’m sure there are people out there who prob have had nothing go wrong, but the bad always over powers the good.

    I agree sybian (spelling) 3 is no good very old and the nokia has been a massive let down, wish i never sold my sony eriksson w995!! been with sony for years they know how to makes things properly!!

    1. ste says:

      my phone keeps 02wap gprs streaming and wont go off or as soon as i turn it off it starts again within seconds. its my 3rd phone in 4 weeks. you dial someone and it hangs up. text need sending 4/5 times to send sometimes. loads of info comes and goes when im not doing it. it has rebooted a few times. id love to know how bad these problems are as o2 and the carphone shop say only a few with problems . so between me and the mrs thats 4 phones in 4 weeks so are we just unlucky? faults aside it would be a good phone and great camera

  30. jamzack says:

    shame about all the problems other people have been getting with their N8, I've had mine since 23/10/10 via TMobile, and as of yet, have had one small niggle, if I'm on a call and I hold the phone between my ear and neck, it can sometimes go to mute or hold. camera is fantastic though!

  31. Kentthegreet says:

    Guys, based on your feedback, Nokia N8 has no difference with Nokia X6 I got when it comes to issues we'd encountered. Nokia better go back on making monochrome phones. That's their expertise, anyway.

  32. raghu says:

    India … bought N8 on 2nd November , it stopped working on 5th, tried all i could to turn it on, but it didnt, could not charge it after that… Gave it to Nokia care, still waiting 4 it… after reading the posts here, it seems many people are facing the same problem…

  33. Hannah says:

    I have been waiting for this phone to come out for ages and have now had 2 N8’s in as many weeks, it is absolutely ridiculous! I would not recommend this phone at all and will be returning it for the last time. My first N8 lasted about three days before it froze completely and never turned back on again. The second phone has now stated to re-boot at whim and cuts my calls off all the time. It is completely unreliable. I’m very disappointed.

  34. Viju says:

    I got my Nokia N8 on Nov 5th and i am extremely happy with the performance.
    Call clarity, Ease of use, Battery
    Haven't yet found anything that has made me sit back & think if I made the right choice of purchasing this Phone. For the moment I am extremely happy, but Sad that I had to stop using my N70.

  35. Ian Mcl says:

    N8 Mine is sluggish to respond , But the worst problem is when iget a call i press big green answer button and it does not respond .So i have a phone i cant answer costing me a fortune on call backs
    Took it to o2 shop guys says do master reboot
    ""these guys are amazing they know everything about nothing"
    Taking it back today asking for money back not a contract so luckier than some..

  36. Nebukinezzar says:

    Nokia N8 purchased in the UK. On the positive side the build quality is great. Initial impressions of the functions was pretty good too. All the happy buzz quickly disappeared when it switched itself off. Took ages to reset, and was two minutes into playing with the phone, when it switched itself off again. I have had the phone three days and in that time it must have switched off at least twenty times. What a frustrating piece of junk.

  37. Ian says:

    I ordered one from buymobilesphones and after the order was postponed twice I have now been told all their stocks have been recalled and they have no availability dates !

  38. HASAN says:


  39. paul allen says:

    got my n8 yesterday, worked fine, but rebooted twice out of the blue..
    this morning, it froze, and despite trying everything including holding power button down for a minute stayed frozen all day until tonight when it turned itself off. turned it on and its working fine again, but its going back tomorrow three days into its 14 day trial, i just know it aint gonna be any good…

  40. shahz says:

    Which nokia ppl say tat only a few have power prob for the N8?i've been to nokia care lately & there are many ppl complaining bout the damn phne…i bought it for my wife's birthday but it's a shame when it keeps rebooting & at one time it's totally gone…send for service but it has been three weeks now,,,even nokia ppl dont know the main prob…should have buy the iphone 4….

  41. dvd3562 says:

    I received my Nokia N8 2 weeks ago, no problems until about 3 days ago, then all of a sudden it started not recognising the Sim Card and then freezing for a few seconds, then rebooting itself, and with each day the problems were happening more often. Reported the problem, to carphonewarehouse, they seemed really surprised, and told me I was the first to have any problems, but to return it for an exchange. But after reading these comments, I'm not looking forward to the replacement, and I am worried I'm going to have all the problems I had with the Nokia N97 mini I had.

  42. Keith says:

    Wonderful wonderful Nokia N8 NOT!!!!!!!! After turning it self on and off a few times, the phone decides that it has a SYSTEM ERROR and will not do anything at all. People can ring me but it will not register on my handset. A text message can be sent but will not arrive. When trying to access the Internet the N8 informs me that it is unable to PERFORM the operation. I have done the 8 sec RESET but to no avail. Now to make matters worse my network provider VIRGIN have told me that it will take up to 7 days for them to contact me to check my phone because they don't work on a Sunday. Think I may be looking at a different phone Nokia world leaders I THINK NOT !!!!!!!

    1. Paula says:

      Hi Keith, I have been given the run around by Virgin for 3 days now. They told me after the first N8 broke that if the second also broke (which it has) they would replace it with another brand. I have still not received a phone call and on going into the store have been told they will ONLY replace with another N8!. But still can't arrange that until I have had a call. could you let me know if you had nay luck with Virgin? Did they give you a different phone? Also how long did it take them to sort it out? Thanks.

  43. stacey says:

    got the n8 last week i love the phone but it do keep rebooting itself sometimes its off for hours i thought nokias were ment to be reliable but its strange as my partner got one the exactly same time as me and he has had no problem they need tosort out the software.

  44. More says:

    Rebooting problems. Nokia says: the problem occurs due to improper way of housing the different modules of the device n the will fix it out. Only a small part of production has been sold.

    Common what about others who brought the phone.

    I truly beileve in nokia. get a good solution out.

    I hope symbian^3 will come up with still more good interface n better performance.

  45. Alex says:

    My N8 is still fine with no issues.

    Much better than paying through the roof for the iPhone4 and also it has better functionality as you're not forced into installing iTunes for example.
    FREE Ovi Maps is amazing too!

  46. enz says:

    Well well well, i guess its not nice to see everyone of us has a wide variety of issues. Freezing hanging up, turning off not turning back on, losing Facebook Ovi store and so on. While on business in the States may phone froze, a few people have had this issue but it gets better. My business partner called me and i couldnt answer, that happens. But here it is the phone rang constantly for 1 and a half hours even after he had hung up. Tried everythig you could imagine and even took it into a telco only reason it stopped is because it went flat. Problems yes, what did it cost me a couple of hundred thousand in business. Lets see what the lawyers say now Nokia.

    1. kar says:

      Had the exact same problem….my hone rang for about 6 hours and couldn't switch it off…wraped it in a scarf and ut it at the bottom of my drawer….the battery finally died. Have my 2nd one now and today each time I receive a message the screen flashes but will not allow you to access it. Also, whenever I answer a call the screen locks and I have to unlock it using the button on the side. Have changed the screen lock time but nothing works.

  47. peter says:

    I got mine 3 weeks ago and my batt keeps running out really quickly. I have noticed that my WLAN is always searching for new connections and when I turn it off it just turns itself back on and starts searching for more networks. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you manage to fix it if you did?


  48. colin says:

    second phone in two weeks absolute rubbish first phone continued ringing after a call to it and woudnt turn off or do anything . had too take it back to shop still ringing and they had to wait till battery went flat . second phone turns itself off about ten times a day and have to wait to boot it up . last nokia i will ever have its rubbish


    I wish i had done my homework before buying this phone Nokia 8 , after a week the battery just went dead and today the camera is not working , i feel robbed , if they are concerned enough they must just call back all the nokia N8 and make an arrangement to improve on the phone , i bought mine in MTN shop Festiaval Mall . kempton Park South africa ,PLease DON'T BUY THIS PHONE .when i went back with it they said i could not get a new N8 , BUT rather they wanted to take it for repairs . i don't want a new second hand phone.

  50. bootylicoius says:

    please please dont buy N8 ,it gave me a lot of problem by switching off its self and i took it back to mtn,they took it to the technicians and after two weeks they said i must come and pick up my phone,when i got home my phone was already off in my bag,pls dont buy n8.

  51. Tony says:

    The phone would have been otherwise ok (ok phone, great camera & video, best navigation, usability vice acceptable, of course not as good as iPhone or HTC), but the damn thing kept self restarting about 5-10 times a day (and even more when using Ovi Navigation) making it next worst thing from brick!

    Now the phone has been already 10 days in service. The net is full of same issue that I was experiencing (just look the Nokia support forum for example) SO DON'T BUY BEFORE NOKIA HAS FIXED ALL THESE PROBLEMS OR IF IN HURY GO FOR HTC OR IPHONE!!!

  52. Paul says:

    I bought the phone from amazon. Received it and it didnt turn on. Not even with the electircal outlet nor the usb phone. It dindt turn on even after i left it charging for 24 hours.
    Dont you buy this phone. Ive read that there are 2 versions of the phone ,one made in finland the other one made in china. Guess what, mine was the chinesse version.
    What a discriminatory decission from nokia, better was if all phones were produced in finland OR in china.
    Better not to mix 2 qualities in the same device, at he end we are all consumers, and we all paid a considerable amount for the phone(the chinesse wasnt cheaper)
    If a knew there were 2 versions on the market, i would opted for the european version.

  53. stewart says:

    hi there i have the nokia n8 as i have seen all the comments my fone freezes turns its self off then on again and also having problems when i am on a call it drops really is peeing me off this fone is a waste of money

  54. frustrated says:

    bought my n8 this november. initially worked well but after 2 days it just died and wont turn on again. brought it to nokia care and got the phone after a week. had to rebuild from scratch again. after a day of working well, u guessed it, it rebooted endlessly and then just died. its in nokia care again for God knows how long. Calling Nokia EVP Niklas Savander!!!!!! Have mercy on us!

  55. siobhan says:

    My God I am sorry I bought this phone after reading all the comments, I dont have any real problems yet apart from the contats being back to front which is doing my head in. Does anyone know how to fix this.

  56. sushil says:

    i have nokia n8. it’s good

    but my problem is when i call some ones or any body call me on my nokia n8, my screen become black means i cant see the number when some one calls me. i want to switch the button on (lock unlock button).

    what is the reason. please help me

  57. hamordoosteph says:

    The technical hitch with this phone is not good. I had issue with my phone the second day i bought it. The support personnel in the Nokia accredited store i bought it had to wipe out all my info already installed. i had to start all over again only for the phone to go dead 2 days ago. I put the phone offline mode to have a sound sleep, only for the phone not to come up again till this moment. All effort to switch the phone off and on has nt yielded anything. The screen just went dead, showing nothing with only the menu button clickin. I would have condemned the N* brand but a friend in work place got his same day and in same store as mine, and his is working perfectly well. I don't know what to do now as i would nt want to lose further information or contact.

    What do i do please.

  58. Tony says:

    Got the new N8 on upgrade contract, thought this was the daddy of all phones, what a piece of sh*te, camera takes pictures and freezes, then wont show you the pics. Music player is fantastic…cly rubbish it wont play just freezes, Oh you can use ut has a phone great, you can receive automatic e mail updates, you can play games great on it……… and that is about it, the camera, music player, video etc are an absolute waste of time and space. NOKIA used to be the leader in phone technology, I know I have had 8 different models in my time, among other lesser ones, but they have all worked perfect…….this is just a piece of rubbish – why the hell did NOKIA release this to soon before the problems were sorted, this will cost NOKIA very badly and it serves their own right. I am lucky that I can send this back and cancel the upgrade without penalty and not lose anything. SO IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUYING ONE – TAKE OUR ADVISE AND GO FOR SOMETHING ELSE, AT LEAST UNTIL NOKIA CAN MAKE THIS BLOODY THING WORK LIKE IT IS SUPPOSED TO.

  59. Paula says:

    I couldn't wait to get this phone as I have always sworn by Nokia, I actually paid more for my upgraded contraxct to get it. The first went wrong after 5 days and was replaced immediately by Virgin Mobile by courier as within 28 day cool off period. HOWEVER second N8 has gone totall wrong switched off and won't charge at all. But because it's out of the 28 day cool of period I have been told by Virgin they are only comitted to ring me and replace with same phone. However 3 days later including a visit to the shop they will still not replace it. Having to use and old phone that can only make calls. Not impressed. Virgin say I am still liable for the two year contract as they don't have to provide a new phone!!!!!! Three months and I wish I'd never ever stepped foot into the virgin shop!

  60. bob says:

    Hi, had my n8 for 2 months-seemed very good, a bit sluggish sometimes.camera was great, but couldn't play my music through it, I transferred music from my pc via ovi n it plays nut no sound at all. internet is clumsy. tonight as I'm texting a lovely girl about a first date. n8 turns itself off totally NO warning now i just get a semi-flashing power button.. I used to have 3 of Nokia , then a Samsung,then a Motorola then a blackburry all from phones 4U. will see how it goes and let you know. wish me luck.

  61. The.p****of says:

    I have my nokia n8 8 days, and have to agree that it really is awful. turns itself off for no reason and wont turn back on for over 5. crashes regularily DOOOOOOO NOT BUY one unless nokia finds a solution to the problem.

  62. Taz says:

    WHY WHY WHY are Nokia still ruing their own reputation by not aceptin that there is a fault with this nokia N8 I got my phone inserted the sim and the sim would not activate. I was then sent a replacement the next day but in between calls the phone switches off, also the interferance on he phone is so bad the other person finds it difficult to understand what is being said and orange will not exchange the phone despite that I have gone upgrade and am paying more a month to have this phone when i had a phone which was working when I was on a lower tarriff. Good Customer Service Orange hope you do not loose too many customers with all these new companies coming coz you do know how to help to keep your customers happy

  63. valliyappan says:

    I have Given My Nokia N8 to the service centre regarding power failure,
    After 1 week they said that Mobile is OK now , When I met the service centre , Again the problem came , THen they said that again it would take 1 week to 10 days .

    They have given me 1 year warranty from the date of purchase .
    But Nokia company is keeping my Mobile for 1 month. Now i am getting only 11 Months warranty . What abt the 1 month . Is that New year gift for Nokia comany .

    Reply must . I am going to take it to the cosumer court

    +91 98434 55243

  64. gary says:

    i bought the n8 today put on charge added sim card and nothing happend not even a charging sybol total rubbish wish i had looked it up will be cancelling contract tommorrow and sticking with my old samsung please do not buy you have been warned

  65. Husam says:

    I’m trying to play WebTV on my N8 but I get an error (Sorry, your current network connection doesn’t allow videa callback). This error appears on one channel only while another channel was working fine.

  66. Lapin Kulta says:

    I bought a Nokia N8, and I seriously regret having wasted my precious money and my precious time on such a complete piece of junk. Some hardware features are impressive, but something's wrong with the motherboard, the battery and the GPS receiver. Also the software is a complete disaster: both the N8 and the OVI suite that comes with it. Both software and hardware are intrusive like hell and will compromise on your privacy in a heartbeat. Piece of fascist junk. Is NOT working like it should, freezes and restarts all the time, batteries run out in 5 hours, not functional, not manageable, resets settings to paid 3G, gives all the power to the telcos and OVI-app-store providers. In short: do not buy this piece of junk!!!

  67. teo yap hong says:

    The Nokia C7 and N8 were bought on the 6Sept2010 as gifts for my family, they came with supprised disappointments after another. The C7 broke down on the 3rd day and the N8 broke down in the same fashion on the 29Dec2010. Both switch off and or hangs for a few times in a row when we first got it and finally dead piece of fish. The Nokia Centre here in Singapore was not ready for the new sets to be recieved for repair and they took more than a week for C7 repair and the N8 is now in the care centre for the second time in less than 4days after spending 14days on their table. This is really really sad and alloying … Disappointment! What a way to be greeted end 2010 and hello 2011 having been using Nokia phones for these 13 years.

  68. Billy Whiz says:

    I thought that it was me that was at fault, but now realise it's the phone.
    Great Photos and Videos.
    Used to but has stopped sending text messages – they just stays in outbox.
    When called and you do not answer straight away, screen goes black and continues to ring, so cannot answer.
    Keeps asking for internet when already connected especially for MY POSITION – OVI MAPS AND WEATHER..

  69. emmanuel says:

    Got my N8 on 25.11.10. Has been working fine. just yesterday 22.01.11 phone got frozen. screen light on with only Nokia logo. how do i bring it back??

  70. cameron says:

    I own a Nokia N8, and as a camera phone it's great. The pictures/video are without peer. The call clarity is great also. However, as a smart phone……….it's a COMPLETE joke ! The software is so archaic it's laughable.
    How any serious manufacturer could release a so called "flagship" phone of the state the N8 was released and still is is beyond me. As a camera phone it's great. As a smart phone, the N8 is a piece of trash that seriously belongs in a retro junk store.

  71. paul says:

    i am fm the uk had have got the n8 with o2 has an upgrade, just within the 28days i had to get an replacement, has the phone just didnt work has it shud of. kept freezing, don`t response when i was touching the screen, i took videos of this to show o2. the o2 shop was not going to help me replace the phone, has it was just over my 28days, But was gona send it off 2 b repaired. i had gone to an Nokia care centre and the adviser told me the best way was to see if i replace it. lucky for me i did, but i had to contact o2 myself and speck to the cancellation department, but because i contacted o2 about this problem within the 28 days i was able to get an replacement sent the next day. so i backup that fone. now i have had my 2nd n8 for 4 days and i have already had to do an master reset ( it even deleted all my contacts fm my sim card??) shud it do tht?
    The main BIG problem i am Still F ING HAVING IS WHN I USE THE WEB TO CHECK MY BANK, I AM ABLE TO SIGN IN AND GET EVERYTHING HAS YOU WUD DO WITH A FULL WEB PAGE, BUT I AM NOT ABLE TO PAY OR CHANGE ANY OF MY PAYMENTS, BEEN TOLD ITS DUE TO JAVA SCRIPT/ POP UP. This is enabled (on) but still having the same problem. but when i had my Nokia n95 8gb phone that was perfect, i was able to do everything, which i knew now what i know now. can any1 help me plz. + my n8 seem to do want it wants to do when it come to the web/ wlan. if any1 has any kind of help thn plz contact me via (pazbut69@googlemail.com) please and many thanks 4 reading.

  72. Fembot says:

    I just got the N8 today and was full of excitement. It is a very DIFFICULT to work piece of brick. My joy was short-lived when it powered off just as I was setting the date, time etc… It still won't work. It's not even charging! Arrrghhhhh!!!! 3 better come and get their brick before I take it out of warranty. Darn!

  73. Kertz says:

    READ THIS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am posting this from the best phone ever made my nokia n8 that is by far better than the iphone 4 , blackberry torch , or any htc and samsung(samjunk) I know that most of the posters on this site are negative and that is due to the fact that they bought rejects lol shame u all got cheated by the supplier ,anyways my phone rules i only charge for 30 mins and it lasts almost 3 days playing music and using internet I highly dought that there is phone to outlast it I Dont REGRET BUYING THE N8 IT STILL LEAVES ME IN AWE EVEN THOUGH I HAVE BEEN USING IT FOR A MONTH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. cavewoman says:

      2 months i have had mine and I have had problem after problem . I have just started my own busines and rely on the the thing. 2 year contract. how these providers give you 7 to 14 day cooling off period is a joke !!!!!

  74. NickNack says:

    I totally agree with most comments on this, i took the n8 out on contract 2 weeks ago the first day it was fine then the next day it wouldnt turn on at all then i took it back and got a new one which was fine for about 3 days, now it keeps turning itself on and off while im in the middle of doing something and keeps crashing for around an hour when i take a picture. When it turns off it wont go back on for hours, i like the phone but the faults are a joke. The only way i seem to get it back on is by leaving it at the window ledge its as if its cooling down. Ill be taking it back tomorrow for a new one if its the same ill be getting a new phone all together its ridiculous these phones are on the market if they are all faulty.

  75. Don says:

    I had iPhone 3 . I dont know whats hit me to buy n8!!??? Can anyone tell me? I used it for one week and now I am again happy with iPhone 4. But anyone can tell why I was
    so stupid. nokia days are counted.

  76. lynzi says:

    got mine yesterday,on contract with 3..Faults from the start,freezes constantly,freezes when taking picture ,then when going to photos to view,black screen.then when i did get the photos screen …no photos stored and i took a few.no photos showing from memory card either .infact most applications cause a major freeze.couldn't even turn it off for 20 mins at one point.charged it overnight for 7hrs. battery now flat.i though it was just me.Called 3 who are sending me a new one tomorrow..i would like to say im hopefull about getting a replacement ,but after reading the comments …….

  77. Theo says:

    Had mine for less than a month, installed a few apps which the n8 loves to close completely half way thru for no reason. Crashes alot and fails to respond to touch alot of the time, needs restarting occasionally. real shame, apart from that would be a great phone. Still determined that it is just a dodgy phone, going to send it back and hopefully get a faultless one if thats possible?

  78. mhike says:

    hi, i got a new nokia n8. it seems good. at the next day, i installeds kaspersky antivirus trial version. then it automatically reboot to itself. i tried to uninstall it, but the screen hangs up after several minutes. waht i did is that when the screen stills functioning, i turn off the kapersky antivirus protection (because i cannot delete the kapersky, i dont know why) then i connected the unit to a computer ("ovi suite", the pre installed is not functioning for windows 7 OS so i downloaded it http://download.cnet.com/Nokia-Ovi-Suite/3000-185… then installed a netquin antivirus for nokia n97 and installed it to n8. there was then an anti virus conflict, then installed mobiled guard the clean all the running programs. after which, the kapersky was removed and decided to remove all the neqin products. my fon seems to work well now. hope this would help others experiencing the same "auto" reboot.. mhike8616@yahoo.com

  79. C.Edmundson says:

    I have always like d Nokia ad the N8 first seemed good. Then problem after problem, LAG and phone numbers disappearing. Then no sound when sound was activated and then the phone wanted to keep asking me if i want to restart it? It has given me so much annoyance i am never buying a Nokia ever again. Are they retarted in Swtzerland or wehat. God knows how many times i have reset or reinstalled the software just it works properly. Never again Nokia, you lost me forever…….

  80. nemesis says:

    i have had my nokia 3 months now and got it when it first came out , after the first week i was told to do a soft reset as the device had froze on completion of doing this the phone became non responsive and wouldn't turn back on , so i took it to the nokia care centre were they fixed it a month later the same problem the phone would not turn on .
    so for the second time i took it back to the nokia care centre were they sent it away to be fixed .
    just recently got the phone back and after the first few days worked fine then the screen froze one evening and after turning it on the phone would not turn on at all took it to the nokia care repair centre and they said it needed to go away yet again , to be fair the only good thing about the phone is the camera i cant understand why nokia would release a device that is faulty when all they are doing is going to turn people to other devices .
    i have a i phone 3gs and if im honest its better then then nokia by a mile the only thing the i phone 3gs lacks is a good camera y im sure if they actually tried fixing these issues with the n8 and kept the customers happy then it may actually be a good phone , but in the time i have had the phone i have had nothing but problems and no help or assistance from nokia if you had a choice give this a miss ladies and gents

  81. Lisa says:

    I have had my Nokia on vodaphone for just over 4 weeks now and to start with the phone was great then last Friday it just switched off and wouldnt charge or turn back on again so I lost all my photos and applications..Had to wait until yesterday to get an exhange phone as vodaphone said they would exhange it..Got in from work charged it up..put all my stuff back on it and low and behold about an hour ago the screen froze and it just turned off and wont turn on again or charge!!! Cant believe that 2 phones have now gone wrong..have been checking online and have seen that there has been a problem with the phones turning off automatically and never turning on again..wish i knew that before I went ahead and got this on contract!!..Vodaphone are now sending me another Nokia N8 as they wont give me another make of phone and have said hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky.So fingers crossed lol…not holding out much hope

  82. james says:

    I am on my 3 new n8 the phone rings press the green answer button and it keeps ringing can not answer the call, same problem with all 3 new phones … nokia have big problems !!!! i will go i phone 3s from now on, every person says there are great . sorry nokia you where great re my old 6300 .

  83. Jbb says:

    This phone is terriblely sluggish and it freezes and hangs and becomes irresponsive. Plays really poor youtube videos. I'm not expecting much but this is way below any smartphone can offer.. And seems like Nokia is not doing anything

  84. Angela cameron says:

    i hate this phone. Yes it’s very nice to hold and look at and fair enough it’s camera is fantastic! But that’s it. It was fine the first couple of weeks of having it, then not. It switches off randomly, hangs up on people, very slow, easily confused, horribly difficult to easily turn off wlan, can’t turn widgets to offline mode, the headphones that come with it suck, now when i take a photo i cannot delete it. I would take it back. But the phone company i bought it from (phones 4 v) conned me into getting this phone by saying i can easily phone up to my current provider and cancel my contract bcos i was having problems with my lg crystal. So i aint goin back there for help. Anyway. . . This phone is rubbish. Ps my phone just updated it’s software etc. Haven’t noticed one little difference. . In fact it’s not even saving the photos i edit anymore!

  85. Kaseem says:

    after putting up a year and a half wis an n97 on a £45 per month contract ( well 2 weeks really and then it screwed up), wis 95% complaints here i think we all got a serious case against nokias malpractice, nokia is really robbing its customers in broad daylight and i think its about time everyone got together and did something

  86. Thulani says:

    The problem with my N8 is the touch screen. Everytime I put it on my ear to answer a call the screen is activated resulting in eithr the phone switching to the on hold position or the sound of buttons being pressed cah be heard and this is irritating. Its unlike the N97 I had which automatically locks the screen while it is in use.

    1. purplerose says:

      You have to lock the screen as soon as you make or receive a phone call. It’s themiddle button on the right hand side of the N8 mobile. upgrading to Belle made screen more sensitive, so locking the screen on calls will stop your problem. Gn 02 phone guru explained that one to me, and yes it works.

  87. anthony wong says:

    got my nokia N8 on 2th march, it was brilliant at first with the 12mp camera taking great photos n cool touch screen face, using it 4 about 3 weeks now starting 2 give me problems….off line automatically,keeps freezing and goes to the Nokia pre welcome screen (white screen with Nokia in blue). cant even restart it since no battery 2 be taken off so just leave it 'jammed'….i'm a loyal nokia user , my previous phone was N95 which is reasonably gd n i passed it 2 my daughter after having the new N8 but now i need 2 borrow fr her since my N8 is freezing jammed. i need help wat shud i do ???

  88. phil says:

    Ok, where do I begin, hmmm, my wife and I both got our n8's from different mobile companies ( she prefers t-mobile for some strange reason),however after 3 weeks her phone would not restart after shutting off on its own,back to t-mobile, shop would not exchange but would send it for repair. this has now been happening since November and the wife is now on her fifth n8, and due to visit the t-mobile shop yet again over the week-end as, yes you guessed it the phone has once more packed up !!!!!!! I however am having no trouble at all with my n8 apart from Ovi store is not really telling the truth when they say some of the apps are free as they are only trial versions. Sort it out Nokia !!!!!

    1. sureis says:

      THIS IS THE GRAND ADVICE FOR NOKIA COMPANY:To get adobe flash player in Nokia N8 has become the considerable demand. Millions of Nokia N8 users are demanding adobe flash player. But Nokia has ignored this issue. Many websites cannot be opened only with the support of Flash lite 4. It’s flop. Why does Nokia not consider about this ? In consequence, The nokia user’s are lured towards android and Ios, which is not good for Nokia. Nokia must solve this in order to compete in the present market. I have been Nokia user for more than 10 years. But now, I see Nokia ignors the actual problem. Why did we buy Nokia ? Nokia must distribute adobe flash player. has Nokia company ever read the comments on Nokia discussion website /t5/Nseries-and-Symbian-Smartphones/Download-adobe​-flash-player-available-for-nokia-N8/td-p/937591? If not then Nokia has no future. This is serious. Thank you.

  89. Jobie_Lou101 says:

    I have had the N8 since December, it was ok up until about a week ago. It contstantly says 'insert SIM card and restart'..so I do although the SIM card is already in… then when it turns back on its only able to make emergency calls and doesnt load my contacts, so I turn it off again, it comes back on, works for about an hour then comes up with the same message again. The only good thing about the phone is the Camera which is the best I have seen on a phone. I usually have Sony Ericcson's but felt like a change, what a big mistake that was. I will be reverting back to my good old trusty Sony very soon. Unfortunately its an 18mth contract 🙁

  90. woody says:

    well it seems alot of people have probs with the nokia n8 so not much point in complaining about mine as all the faults shown here are the same as mine i have mine on contract so got to wait now for a year befor i can get rid all they say when i complain is we can send it away to get fixed …not much point in that as my wifes is doin the same an by the look of it every one else who has a N8 ….come on nokia fix the shit or your goin to lose a lot of costomers now i wish i kept my sony ericsson

  91. Scott says:

    Received phone on 1st April – and sadly the phone was no April Fool. Thought after 5 years of being a happy Sony Ericsson user, I'd give Nokia a try. What a mistake. The biggest pile of unresponsive Finish pap ever. The phone is very well-made, but doesn't fit nicely in the hand, the camera is OK – but nothing spectacular after all the hype – and the software is so bad it tempts you to throw the thing out of the window. This will be my last ever Nokia – guys I gave you a second chance – wish I never bothered. SONY ERICSSON ARC is my next phone.

  92. Lily Dempsey says:

    love this phone apart from the frequent occasions it freezes, goes really slow, crashes, wont turn on/off, rebooting takes the piss end up cancelling it gonna have to get a new one sent out me thinks. heard they had problems from the start with it though and t.mobile was gonna wait an extra few weeks till these problems had been sorted while other phone companies didnt care and sold them regardless, but i couldnt get it on t.mobile so on orange and its really playing up.

  93. jamie says:

    same with mine got it the day it came out had problems for the past three to four weeks going to offline and ending calls also the speeker is crap cant hear a thing when making calls total pile of dog sh*t

  94. UNKNOWN says:

    you know what!! n8 sucks!!!! it suck!!! i sooooooo hate nokia for not replacing my phone and what the hell?! your warranty it should be all over the world duh!! your such a loser nokia! SUCH A LOSER!!! YOUR TRYING TO BE PERFECT LIKE IPHONE BUT YOUR NOT! OKAY?!

  95. wooley007 says:

    I have had my Nokia N8 for a month and found a few issues. This might help a few of you who are blaming the phone for the problems…………. First check the apps you are putting into it.
    When i first had the phone hanging and switching off i removed the last application that i had installed and bingo….. problem gone.
    So each time i load a new application i let it run for a few days to see if any issues before adding another.
    The worst offenders seem to be anything to do with the GPS. i load a great training program and straight away it kept freezing the phone and switching it off. Would be great if the OVI store actually checked these products before uploading them.

  96. Hani says:

    My name is Hani,
    I am an Indian,
    I bought a new Nokia N8 since i fell in love with the handset.But after using it i was almost satisfied.But i started noticing a problem with it.It kicks me off from the internet on Airtel network.It could be either the issue with nokia or net work.I guess it should be my airtel network, because i dont want to imagine about my N8 having a hardware defect.I paid Rs23842 for the device. if anyone faces the issue pls help.Tell me how to fox it.i dont want to give my baby to nokia care.

    1. Naveen Rajappan says:

      Hi, I too use N8, as of now no problem for me in either ways.
      I have BSNL sim, no issue while browsing internet,
      So might be the problem at your Service provider, try with any other SIM,

    2. Arunhot22 says:

       HI i brought the same Nokia from USA the Unlocked set, what happened is when i came to india i started using Airtel sim it was working good just for 1 day, then after that i lost network connection i tried everything but nothing worked. then i took it to nokia care they charged me 100 rupees for service charge and they said, the phone has been opened already and the mother board has been changed and the phone is almost in dead condition, but how could it be possible i brought a brand new from best buy. then i was disappointed, later once i saw Uninor sim in my home i tried to put that one, then it worked well with full network , then i tried vodafone, idea, everything works well except Airtel. then later i reliased that the nokia care is waste. they did not do service or open my phone, they just charged me 100 and fooled me.

      so airtel is not working properly in airtel, its better go for any other sim by doing MNP

  97. Deborah says:

    I had three N8's in three weeks, what a pile of poop…such a shame as it is a handsome phone, but then looks as we know mean nothing if whats inside is rotten…Now got a Samsung wave, and I have to say it is a delight.

    Worrying thing is my fella also has the n8, he got his the week after me, now it keeps cutting out. so his could be going the same way.. Not sure what Vodafone will do as its over a month since he got it tho.

    Nokia, you are pants.. sorry, but you are.

  98. Henk says:

    Nokia made the worst phone ever. If I knew this handset would give me so much heart ache I would have stick with my 2110 I bought 15 years ago. Thanx nokia for opening my eyes to move to the iphone series. You know technology moves on.

  99. Got mine yesterday, problems with the camera. First I could only take one picture at a time, then it freezes, tested all settings on the camera, even down to 0.3mpx or what it is…(?) After a while I could take more then one picture in a row but I cant look at them in the file manager, then the phone freezes. I cant start the camera more then once, if I exit it then I have to restart the phone to be able to start the camera again. I have not installed anything extra, it was like this directly out of the box… Crap! It will be returned.

  100. Anonymous says:

    not even 3 months i bought the n8………nd i m having problems with it’z lcd …… the lights get dim nd bright ……nd dere is a dark lining at the top of the cell just below the front camera……..nd somtimes dere appears wayward lines in da screen nd den it goes away……….da cell was never dropped nd never cam in contact with water…………gonna replace da cell as per da warranty agreement……………but mah suggestion …………don’t hav tat smartphone as it’z processor is also slow nd it even hangs somtimes…………….

  101. I am Tarek from Bangladesh and bought a new N8 just before 7 days. I got frustrated seeing that the set has a problem with display from the very first day. The light gets dim and gets bright again. Now I find the color is not proper. NOKIA used some Samsung AMOLED display panels and many of the sets are showing the similar problem. Unfortunately the company is yet to announce their difficulty regarding this issue. The sale centre tells me after U update the software it would get better. Unfortunately enough I remained off from communication a day and updated the software ( as the set even dont allow emergency call during sofware updt..) It is all the same rather it is giving even ghostly look. This is not at all a software issue it is a hardware problem and NOKIA must admit that.

  102. I bought my N8 at Nokia shop in London Heathrow airport May 23rd 2011 a week letter it had frozen up . I am working in Chennai India and took it to Nokia Care they had it 2 weeks and said that it had to sent back to UK because the software is different in India . It now doesn’t even switch on . I tried to send it to the UK with DHL who returend it here because noone could read the emails regarding the receipt of purchase for customs UK . I don’t no what to do if cost be 325 GBP and DHL cost be another 42 GBP and sending via UPS will cost another 33GBP .
    The phone only worked a week I downloaded lots of software and they say it suffered a virus . I may as well put ib the dustbin or ideally find a Nokia and shove it where it may make a connection .

  103. Anonymous says:

    had my nokia n8 for about 5 days now, my problem is that my vertical screens have gone blanc a cant see no message list or anything have to use horizontally all the time to see stuff and message properly, is there a way to fix this please?

  104. It is a pile of crap! i hate the nokia n8! had problems since day 1 and its not worth one penny I paid for it! Would not recommend it at all… Lost count of the amount of times i’ve rang and e-mailed nokia and had no response whatsoever. It’s going in the canal soon.

  105. stephan-eyres says:

    Hi all just to let you know ive had my nokia n8 for 1 year now and i have had no problems what so ever so i dont know how all of you are using them but i think its the best phone ive had

  106. Bungebob says:

    Terrible, terrible phone. Nokia can issue all the software updates they want. They should never of put this phone on the market. It’s a hardware issue. It’s absolute garbage.

  107. Ecco says:

    ..im very disappointed .. after latest update, I cant do things i was able to do easy before, such as, MMS..before update, i was able to attach many pictures in one message and now after update (firmware), i can attach one only…if i try to attach 2nd one, bloody thing delete whole message..multiple selection option is a nightmare now…and generally, phone is so freaky slow…this is last dance with me and nokia..

  108. Cathbower says:

    I had my Nokia for over a year and love it however i am having problems with my contacts not coming up when phoe ring also persoalised ring tones have stopped working any idea’s folks??

  109. Mr H says:

    Having had my first smart phone last November after a very good sales pitch from the CarphoneWH, I took possession of a shiney new silver N8.
    Within one month I had lost all the OVI data – Sorry said CWH but dont worry it wont happen again,’As we NEVER have any issues with these units’…!
    In March 11 it wouldn’t turn on or charge. Sorry said CWH, dont worry we’ll get it fixed. two weeks later it was returned, reset and minus any of the previous data or updates.
    Now - to say i am carefull with my kit is an understatement – It has a screen protector, sheathed in a permanent case/cover (leather) and due to my job, housed within another belt pouch.Safe enough you’d think –
    Alas last week, whilst having the phone to my ear for apx 20mins, it started to vibrate, then scrolled through pages of data and shut down – this time wiping all data from the photo memory card and sim card………only to be told it is now uneconomical to repair - Oh and Sorry!!!
    I AM ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS, not only at CWH as they have said there is NO back up facility without insurance (even though the insuance policy WILL NOT cover the repair) but neither will the units 2year warrenty!
    The phone set is unstable, unpredictable – UNRELIABLE.
    Oh if only I had kept my Sony Ericson…………….

  110. Raudingo says:

    My N8 keeps turning it’s self off and on again. Any ideas why? I rang Nokia who asked me to do as series of steps to trouble shoot which I had already completed. Nokia then told me to use my spare phone? WTF if I had a phone that worked I wouldn’t have got another one. If I can fix this off on situation I will be happy as the phone has been very good up until now.

  111. Cs Francis says:

    i installed two antivirus on my n8 by mistake and now my n8has stopped working and only shows the  homescreen and m only able to switch it on and switch it off….what to do?

  112. Decdoyle says:

    I have had my N8 for nearly 9 months and most of the time it has been just ok.  Untill this morning when the phone went offline and told me to insert the sim card.
    I have taken the precautions of a screen protector and the phone also has a thick rubber casing around it. I have treated the phone as carefully as possible, but yet I am still having problems.
    On top of that the phone is constantly going in and out of reception, I understand that this is normally the phone companies fault, but when the person beside me is with the same company and can retain signal, it then points to a problem with the handset.
    On top of this, I have connected my phone to my PC, but it will only let me do basic operations.  As for copying movies or songs onto the handset, No Chance! Windows are producing warnings that it may affect my PC if this programme is loaded.
    Nokia, I chose your phone because I wanted something that wasnt an iPhone, but unfortunately for you and me, it would have been a better option.  After this current contract, I will not be using a Nokia again as this phone, although has fantastic features, is not consistent, and is not reliable enough to want to remain with your company.

  113. Michael Tawiah says:

    I’m Michael Tawiah fron Ghana. I bought a nokia N8- 00 phone on the 20th day of this month 2012. But this phone is giving me problem. The internet connectivity is not stable after sending it to network operators twice. It connects for some few hours and then goes off the rest of the 24hrs.what should i do now?

  114. Twinmummy2011 says:

    I have N8 this morning it complete froze it wouldnt turn off, so i thought id ring it, now it wont stop ringing, even though ive taken the sim out

    1. Exboy2 says:

      My Nokia N8 phone also won’t stop ringing and it don’t want to stop even after removing the sim card and is ringing continuely.. The power switch don’t work either.. What should I do then..??

  115. Harold Blake Glover says:

    N8 Camera very good-ovi store a joke-the radio non existent-contact Nokia laugh of the week-do they take our money then treat us as fools-regret buying this phone-the worst customer service i have ever experienced-my code for ovi store constantly rejected-complaint by phone hidden in outer space-this company wants to wake up and provide the service we payed for. wish i had kept my friendly Samsung. oh oh oh No (work) kia. can i have some service or my money back.

  116. Lyn81 says:

    Ive had my Nokia N8 for about 18 months, and Ive got to say it the worst one that Ive had. Ive had problems with it since the 2nd day.
    Sometimes when it rings, the phone wont stop ringing, Ive taken it back to the shop.
    Its constantly freezing.
    I cant wait for October when I can upgrade.
    This has really put me off using Nokia again.

  117. ukmartian says:

    OK I got a N8 last July ..all was OK until November when i kept losing connection ..I contacted Nokia and they said  It was probably a config setting and told me what to do if it done it again …it did  and they said it was a signal issue and where was i when it happened ..I said outside the phone shop …the phone failed totally a few weeks later when it would not recognise my sim or any sim …I then got a replacement or repair i dont know which ..that lasted 6 weeks cos the battery only lasted 1 day ..so another one ,,that lasted 6 weeks the G sensor failed the earpiece sound was crap ..so back it went again ….when it came back the earpiece still didnt work …so back it went again ….I got it back today ,,charged it for 12 hrs  switched it on hmmm  ok so far …..put my sim in and it froze ..web connections didnt work properly cant re-install apps from nokia store unless i pay again i cant get a 3G signal and ordinary signal is flat where before it was good..ive tried restoring but no good still freezes …what is the issue ..is it the phone or symbian

  118. ukmartian says:

    An update on my recent post …still arguing with CPW they said i could select a phone of equal specs …only 2 phones meet that criteria  a Sony Xperia s or a HTC but they wont let me have one and i gotta downgrade so its a HTC DESIRE HD ….so its goodbye N8 thank god …..

  119. gheko says:

    I’ve had my Nokia N8 for a couple of years and everything was great until I installed some updates recently. My phone would freeze at least once a week, but switching it off and on again would fix it. Now my screen has frozen and no matter what i do it won’t budge. I’ve done the hard reset a few times, nothing. The buttons work but I can’t do anything without the touch screen, any suggestions?

  120. nagooe mytheen says:

    i have n8 mobile original application photo editor, video editor and pdf software is delight now i want what can i do?

  121. willnic74@talk21.com says:

    I’had my nokia paper weight 14mths, again belle compromised functions, lock up, multicharging for SMS, freeze internet on myspace, corrupt data when hard reset( daily req!!) £449.99 for a great paperwei(N8_00)ght

  122. Mike T says:

    my nokia n8 will not receive text messages, only I change to profile offline then back to any profile they come through, or if i’m sending a text they’ll come through when that text is being sent, solution please………………….

  123. nicola says:

    my nokia n8 cant hear people when thet fone me have to put fone on loud speaker .Is it the speaker that’s gone or is it a fault with the something else plz help as I luv this fone an don’t really eant to change it thx

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