Facebook Android SDK Official: Integrate OAuth 2.0, Graph API & More

First shown at Google I/O the Android SDK will bring many new features to developers adding advanced functionality, Facebook SDK for Android is now official and now offers support to create Facebook tie-ins across apps.

Main features will include: Strong authentication using OAuth 2.0, Making requests to the new Graph API and it will also allow for publishing stories back to Facebook via Feed forms,

The new launch for the beta version of the Facebook SDK for Android is very exciting, which was demoed at Google I/O in San Francisco last week. There are over 100 million people using Facebook on their mobile phones every month, and Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms so it makes sense for this. New sourcing tools and example code will make it simple for the thousands of Android developers to integrate the Facebook Platform into their applications and reach a large and ever-growing mobile audience.

The new Facebook SDK for Android offers wider support for mobile platforms such as mobile websites and iPhone apps, if you would like the Facebook SDK for Android please download via GitHub.

Source — Facebook Developers via TechCrunch

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