iPhone 4G WWDC Launch Most Definitely, Verizon Release Possibly Not

There are many rumours surrounding the iPhone 4G and of course the Verizon iPhone, well taking everything into consideration the iPhone 4G (Whatever the name) will most definitely be launched (Announced) at WWDC 2010, for the Verizon iPhone we and others say possible not.

David Goldman via CNN Money has written a very interesting article that makes sense, we have covered most of this ourselves before on different occasions mentioning the launch of the iPhone 4G and if Verizon will ever release the iPhone, well below is a little insight to what the source above thinks.

WWDC 2010 kicks off June 7 and runs until the June 11 and it is most definite that the new iPhone will be mentioned along with iPhone OS 4 and other things, is it likely that Steve Jobs will announce the Verizon iPhone? Personally NO.

A few reasons why the Verizon version will not get mentioned is because as we know they run on a wireless standard called CDMA and AT&T uses GSM network so one model is impossible to run on both networks, which means a new phone would have to be manufactured, there have been rumours of a CDMA iPhone but no hard concrete evidence via suppliers or Apple has been made official.

What about the exclusive 5-year AT&T iPhone contract, well if the contract runs to the end this surely means that the Verizon iPhone if released would not be until 2012.

Then you have to ask yourself this question “Does Verizon even want the Apple iPhone? Well this is hard to say really because according to our previous articles we have mention that Pegatron has started to receive orders for an CDMA iPhone, shipments in excess of 10-million units to be precise.

We have mentioned before that the Verizon iPhone and the end of the AT&T exclusivity contract does not worry the AT&T boss, so surely something is going on for them not to worry. There is so much to take into consideration saying the Verizon iPhone is not coming anytime soon if at all.

If you have anything you wish to say on the above please use our comments area provided below, do you think the iPhone 4G is most definitely going to be mentioned at WWDC 2010, and do you think the Verizon iPhone is not coming at all.


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  1. jasong says:

    att has terrible service now though. Since so many people switched from whatever phone company they had before
    then everything on att got slower.

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