Verizon iPhone And Exclusivity End Doesn’t Worry AT&T Boss

In the past and still continuing is a loud call for Apple to deliver the Verizon iPhone, but to deliver a CDMA iPhone to the Big Red would mean Apple ending the exclusivity over their iPhone with the Big Blue, something that doesn’t seem to worry AT&T’s boss.

According to an article over on the WSJ found by Nilay Patel of Engadget, when talking at a J.P. Morgan conference AT&T boss Ralph De La Vega apparently laughed when he was asked when the Big Blue’s exclusivity over the iconic iPhone would end.

Furthermore De La Vega indicated that he isn’t worried about other carriers who may get the iPhone and that 80% of AT&T iPhone customers are on business or family plans and are less likely to switch to a different carrier meaning AT&T believes they could potentially hold on to that 80% of iPhone users even if the iPhone went to Verizon.

Of course De La Vega didn’t mention Verizon but he seems fairly certain the company won’t see an exodus of customers if Verizon ever gets the smartphone, and to simply laugh when asked about an end of exclusivity doesn’t really give any indication one way or the other.

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