iPhone 4G AT&T June Launch: What about Verizon & Sprint?

The latest news surrounding the new Apple iPhone 4G is from AT&T and it has been confirmed by AT&T store managers that it will be launched in June, we mentioned this a little earlier, but we want to ask a few questions.

According to Andre “DVDBack23” Yoskowitz via AfterDawn BGR has written a little article mentioning the new iPhone from Apple will be launched in June, the phone will be ready.

Now if AT&T staff are correct and that it will make its launch next month what does this mean for Verizon, can we expected to see the Verizon iPhone launch this year or has that been put aside and will only launch with AT&T.

We also reported that the new iPhone 4G has been confirmed to be releasing with Sprint, is this true? If AT&T has confirmed the launch of the new device will they carry the exclusive rights or will Apple be releasing with multiple carriers, who will release first; will it be AT&T or Sprint or will we see mass launch with multiple carriers.

The new iPhone is definitely coming and we can see it being mentioned at WWDC 2010 and with Wal-Mart announcing it’s cut down price of the iPhone 3GS to a low $97 USD with two-year contract this surely means that they want rid off old stock to make way for the new iPhone 4G stock. (Wonder how much the new iPhone will cost)

We will keep you posted on any news covering the new Apple iPhone, release dates, price, carriers, you name it we will report it.


4 thoughts on “iPhone 4G AT&T June Launch: What about Verizon & Sprint?”

  1. JIM says:

    me three 🙂
    We are in June already, I hope to see it on the stores any time now, because I need to upgrade also my cell is giving problems I only can be on a call if I have it on Speaker (it sucks),
    I will be the one of first ones to buy it 🙂

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