Verizon iPhone CDMA Release Date: Pegatron Orders Say Its Coming

The Verizon iPhone CDMA release date is something everyone wants to know, we know it’s coming but no one knows when. Could it be this year or could it be next year? Well Pegatron orders prove that it is definitely going to happen but it is a matter of when now.

Yesterday we already reported that Pegatron Technology has started to receive its orders for an iPhone based on CDMA from Apple, apparently according to our article DigiTimes said that shipments is expected to reach 10-million units.

Now we all sit here and speculate if the Verizon iPhone will be released at all and up until the last two weeks we can see some good evidence that it will be coming its just a matter of when now. Look at it like this, we have the news above with Pegatron receiving its orders and then we also mentioned about the Verizon iPhone HD ad campaign.

With all the news coming in surely this means we are moving in the right direction to gaining the Verizon CDMA iPhone, we will keep you updated.

If Verizon do release the CDMA iPhone, do you think it will be good enough for them or should they just wait and release a 4G version seeing as they are testing its LTE network?


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