Verizon iPhone HD Ad Campaign surely means its coming

Now as far as rumours go about the Verizon iPhone, this one is right up there with the rest of them. According to a tipster Landor Associates is working on a new campaign for Verizon.

We found this information via CrunchGear and they said this info has come from a tipster, now as usual we take all rumours with a pinch of salt until we hear the official news. The advertising campaign for Verizon should be Apple breaking down Gizmodo’s Jason Chen’s door and stealing the iPhone device back with the logo saying “Lets take you to another place”.

So is the new iPhone HD being launched and is the Verizon team working on a new ad campaign for the Verizon iPhone?

Just so you know Landor are the ones behind the dual-B logo for Blackberry, sorry one more question “Can we really see the new Verizon iPhone being released summer 2010?”


One thought on “Verizon iPhone HD Ad Campaign surely means its coming”

  1. ChitChat27 says:

    VERIZON will not get an iPhone for some time if at all. An LTE iPhone would be a better investment for apple and not the outdated CDMA technology. At&t still holds exclusive rights to the phone and I believe that in researching this matter anyones doubts would be killed. Proof of the agreement is available…. VERIZON sucks anyway, I'd rather have At&t because I seriously have had good service with them and no problems have arisen.

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