Verizon iPhone still possible apparently?

There has been so many reports so far this week in relation to Verizon iPhone on it’s way then not on it’s way and so on. Now a report over at pcworld.com via crunchgear.com puts another spin on it.

We reported earlier today here, on what was the latest at the time that the Apple iPhone was locked up with AT&T until 2012 following leaked information in relation to some court documents which showed that AT&T were linked into a deal to carry the iPhone for a period of five years exclusively starting from 2007.

The latest for now anyway is that according to crunchgear marketing company Landor Associates is presently creating an iPhone advertising campaign said to be for Verizon Wireless. Apparently John Biggs from CrunchGear says that the unnamed tipster very nearly confirms a late summer Verizon iPhone launch.

So there you have it something else for us to ponder on, contracts are subject to change as we know and the unknown tipster also called out Landor’s Brad Scott who handles Verizon’s account as the man who is in charge of this iPhone campaign.

But then of course you have those other rumours which claim a Verizon iPhone is nowhere in the future at all. Some believe that AT&T got a 6 month extension on the iPhone exclusivity from this summer. Perhaps this does give a little hope for those Verizon subscribers who have been waiting patiently for the iPhone but we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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